Mudding and Paint Protection

June 10, 2022

Mudding and Paint Protection

If you own a 4X4, there’s nothing quite like tearing across uneven ground, through rivers, streams, puddles, up and down hills… You don’t need us to tell you how great it is. But, much as it’s awesome fun, your paintwork takes a massive bashing each time you do it.

Mudding can cause substantial damage to your gleaming pride and joy. So how do you protect the paintwork from the scratches, rock chips, and other elements that detract from its great looks? 

Read on to find out how easy it is to not only protect the shine but also make cleaning up after each outing a breeze…

The Easy Way to Off-Road Driving, Mudding, and Paint Protection 

  • The damage caused by mudding
  • How to protect vehicle paintwork 

The damage caused by mudding

Mudding is the term used for when your car gets, quite literally, coated in mud. But it also encompasses all the other damaging elements of rough surface driving, such as abrasive silt and sand. A combination of these quickly turns into the perfect solution that’ll grind through the gorgeous painted surfaces of your vehicle over time. 

Such paint stresses can be immediately obvious or cause minuscule scratches that cause paintwork to dull and fade. You can exacerbate the problem by not cleaning off mud and dirt straight after your off-roading adventure—this will continue to eat into the paintwork as long as it remains on the vehicle.

How to protect vehicle paintwork 

OK, so there are plenty of so-called “protective wax” products on the market that claim to provide superior scratch protection. When it comes to true off-roading, such products are next to useless. 

To truly look after your ride’s gleaming exterior you need to do the following: 

  1. Protect the vehicle with a high-quality paint protection product: This means either paint protection film (PPF), ceramic coating, or—if you want the ultimate effect—a combination of the two.
  2. Wash the vehicle straight after your off-road adventure: Use a two-bucket wash system to first remove the visible dirt and then shampoo to get rid of the microscopic particles that stubbornly cling to the paintwork. 

The advantages of adding a substantial paint protection product (PPF and/or ceramic coating) to the vehicle also make the second step easier. This is because the products are hydrophobic. In other words, they repel water. This means that when you wash, the water (and dirt particles it contains) will bead and run away from the surface. It makes cleaning a faster, more efficient process—plus there’s something cathartic about watching all that hard-earned dirt stream away…

The choice between PPF or ceramic coating is best made with the advice of a paint protection specialist. Both are excellent products that—if applied correctly and of the right quality—last for many years. The combination of the two together (with the ceramic coating installed over the PPF) offers the highest level of protection. For hard-core off-road enthusiasts, this might be the best option.

Of course, you could choose to PPF the whole vehicle and then add a ceramic coating to the most vulnerable elements—fenders, front wings, etc. 

Whatever paint protection product or combination of products you choose, ensuring this level of protection will help keep your car or truck looking pristine for many years to come.

Say Goodbye to Scratches & Mudding with Paint Protection from Auto Supershield 

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