Model 3 SunTek in South Florida

December 24, 2022

Tesla owners (other prestige marques are available) rejoice. The latest SunTek PPF is truly the stuff of your fantasy dreams…! If you think we’re exaggerating, then you obviously aren’t the hard-core, die-hard petrol head (ok, ok—but “electric head” doesn’t have quite the same ring) that we thought you were. 

Anyway, we digress…

The reason we’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with SunTek PPF is that this high-end producer offers a range of paint protection films to suit all your wants and needs. 

Why you need SunTek PPF for your Tesla Model 3 in South Florida and Beyond

  • SunTek PPF explained
  • The Model 3-SunTek in South Florida ménage à trois

SunTek PPF explained

SunTek is a high-end producer of PPF, offering an excellent range that suits all your protective requirements. From incredible paint protection with self-healing properties to their innovative ceramic coating-PPF hybrid offering, known as SunTek Reaction, this is the answer to every historical Tesla paintwork issue.

While there’s a host of information online about most of SunTek’s range, there’s not so much to be found about the new Reaction. So let’s explain…

This 2-in-1 product combines the wonders of PPF with the delights of ceramic coating—all in a single installation. The advantages are endless and include:

  • A hyper-glossy finish that’ll bring a grin to your face every time you set eyes on it
  • Wonderfully hydrophobic, meaning dirt and moisture simply slide away…
  • This results in easy car cleaning and maintenance, which equals more time driving and less time washing!
  • Uber protection—25% more resistant than virtually every other PPF product on the market. Tree sap, bird droppings, acid rain, salt… Reaction shrugs it off with ease
  • Self-healing—just add a little hot water
  • Incredible rock chip protection
  • And…. Drum roll please… A 12 (yes, 12!) year warranty.

The Model 3-SunTek in South Florida ménage à trois

The Model 3 boasts incredible curves and intricate design. SunTek Reaction comes with software, known as Core. This, and the stretch and flexibility of the PPF, makes it the perfect choice to install on and upgrade your Tesla. In fact, the two were designed for each other.

Combine this with the harsh (beautiful, but harsh all the same) climate in South Florida and the enhanced protection of SunTek Reaction, and you can see that the three make perfect bedfellows.

Not convinced yet? Consider the following:

  • Your Tesla is designed for incredible performance, environmentally sound, and a jaw-droppingly gorgeous driving experience. You want it to stay that way, so protecting those sleek good looks is easily and efficiently done with PPF.
  • Every scratch, fade, and spot that hits the paintwork builds up to reduce the color sheen and depth of the paintwork. Sadly, the quality of the factory paint protection that every Tesla leaves the factory with leaves rather a lot to be desired. (Don’t believe us? Search for “Tesla paint quality” and see what other Tesla owners think). Adding a quality PPF is the simple and effective answer to this.
  • Good PPF means the paintwork remains as good as the day it was applied. In turn, this increases the resale value of the vehicle—when and if the time comes to sell.

Want Model 3 SunTek PPF in South Florida? You Need Auto SuperShield’s Expertise

There’s no better installer of top-quality PPF in South Florida than Auto SuperShield. Whichever SunTek you require, you can be sure of a customer-centric service and PPF application that’s the icing on the cake for your beloved Tesla.

Want to discuss which type will best suit your needs. Visit our website and contact us today at We can’t wait to hear from you.


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