Mobile Billboards vs. Auto Wrap Advertising

June 20, 2020

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Mobile Billboards vs. Auto Wrap Advertising

estimates that each day, the average person is bombarded with 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements. Whether an online, billboard, magazine, social media, radio, or mobile ad, everywhere that the average American turns, they see advertising.Of course, there’s a difference between seeing and really seeing. When you encounter that much media all the time, a lot of it becomes white noise. It takes a truly memorable advertisement to permeate through the static and make an impact. Even then, the ad has to really resonate to appeal to the potential customer and get them to buyMarketers spend countless hours crafting ads to see which approaches work and which don’t. If you want to stand out from the competition right away, choose fleet graphics on a mobile billboard or a vinyl wrap?

What Is a Mobile Billboard?

Every day, when you get in your car on your commute to work, you expect to see a series of billboards along stretches of highway. That’s not the only way to advertise to drivers and passengers though.Mobile billboards are advertisements on the sides of the vehicles themselves or special vehicles with large upright displays that drive around a city all day. These type of ads are good because driving often means waiting at lights and looking around. Drivers are a captive audience, in the mode of needing to see what’s around them.

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Billboards?

One major benefit of mobile billboards is that they’re unexpected, and they’re large enough to be eye-catching. You can’t ignore them. Specialty Truck Rental, a company based out of Santa Monica, California, lists several other reasons that make these ads such a compelling choice:

  • They’re always recent — Billboards take manpower to erect, and sometimes these are still up while the sale they’re advertising has long since expired. With a mobile billboard, you can update it regularly to prevent such an issue. Some are digital and can change instantly.
  • They’re affordable — These billboards cost less money compared to major media advertising like radio and television.
  • Better audience reach — If you know that your biggest audience lives in Boca Raton, you can put more vehicles on the road in that city. If your audience is smaller but still sizeable in Miami, you can launch a smaller fleet of cars there.

What is a Vinyl Wrap?

Vinyl wrapped cars stand out even more; often because they’re closer. Your company can design the wrap for your fleet graphics or you can enlist the help of a professional. By including your company’s logo, its website, a social media web address, a phone number, and an address, people know just how to contact you to start doing business.

What Are the Benefits of Using Vinyl Wraps?

Marketing Tango explains the multitude of benefits that come from advertising with vinyl wraps:

  • Stronger branding — You hear it again and again from marketing professionals: having a consistent brand image is the key to making your company logo as recognizable as major brands like Nike and Coca-Cola. If your logo is front and center on your vinyl wrap and you have a similar design on your website, social media presence, and physical store, you increase your trustworthiness to customers.
  • Better audience reach — Just like with mobile billboards above, you can choose to drive a vinyl wrapped-car more in cities where you have a loyal audience.
  • Customization options — Vinyl wraps can cover a whole vehicle or just parts of it. It can be very specific. You can design several wraps for several cars that appeal to different portions of your audience. These wraps can also be removed so they can be changed out for a new sale or event.

Which Means of Advertising Should You Choose?

Only you can choose which of these advertising options works best for your company. Both are cost-effective and involve customizing a vehicle. If you want to double your chances of an effective marketing campaign, you can consider trying both advertising options together.

Where Can You Get Mobile Billboards and Vinyl Wrapping?

Whether you just want a mobile billboard, vinyl wrapping, or both, those in Florida should contact us, Auto Super Shield for high-quality beautiful vehicle alterations. We specialize in wraps of all kind, including:

  • 3D designs
  • Color-changing
  • Satin
  • Carbon fiber
  • Matte
  • Chrome
  • Velvet elite

When it comes to spreading awareness about your company and its products, an eye-popping design will always capture attention, but different textures and finishes can also appeal to a potential customer. Healthcare companies and technology firms could try a simple yet effective chrome finish, clothing stores could allude to the luxury of their products with a satin finish, and a restaurant could win customers with a color-changing vinyl wrap.Next time your company decides to create an advertisement, consider a mobile billboard or auto wrap advertising.


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