Miami Car Styling, Customization Trends

Miami Car Styling, Customization Trends

Miami-Car-Styling-Customization-TrendsWhen it comes to the latest car styling trends in Miami, the best and most recent changes can be seen on the street and at local car shows. After all, what’s the point of all the work and changes if you don’t get a chance to show it off to everyone?

Imitation can be the best form of flattery, and the car modification world is no exception to the rule. People looking to modify their cars constantly watch and feed off each other, getting new ideas all the time from each other’s creativity. No surprise, trends tend to pop over from car to car as everyone jumps a new trick and adds just a little something to make it their own.

This Door Goes Up
One of the first big trends lately is the scissor door design. This is not a new idea. In the 1970s Lamborghini’s scissor door design was what really brought the feature to the forefront.

In the 1980s the DeLorean luxury sports car continued the trend, and Back to the Future made it even more famous after the car company went bankrupt in 1982. However, despite the fact that gullwing doors have been around a long time, it’s becoming a significant new Magic City trend this year on a wide variety of cars – and trucks.

Marrying Old With New – A Different Kind of Hybrid
Another car fanatic favorite is the old car revamped with a new engine and unheard of power under the hood.

The classic body is retained, even enhanced with chrome features, but under the hood everything is modern and far better in performance than anything produced by the original manufacturer. No surprise, this includes a number of kits with nitrous boosters as well for fast launch.

This style continues to be heavy within Cuban-influenced neighborhoods, and here’s why; Many of the knowledgeable residents have families who spent years in Cuba keeping old 1940 and 1950 American cars going, due to bans on imports. It’s definitely part of the culture, all the way from home Havana to New Havana Beach.

Is It a Car or Jet?
Side flares and venting are popping up quite a bit. Whether for actual air intake, heat dissipation or just for decorative effect, they are popular. Everybody with a car to show off seems to want them.

The styling typically includes a slit of three vents on the side of the engine cavity right after the front wheel on both sides. Some creative versions have the flares and vents on the rear of the car before the rear wheel, particularly on higher-end cars.

Customized Car Logos
A far subtler detailing feature that has cropped up includes customized car logos and brands. Whether they be the typical metal-appearance feature or solid paint color lettering, these badges are just enough to offer a unique look if placed properly. These can look gaudy – sometimes intentionally. There’s a fine balance– the pros make it look easy with a perfect setup. LED and small accent HID lights are the way to go for better visibility.[T1] 

Setting Shade and Light
Lighting is also a go-to feature for making a car look special, but the very large xenon bulb trend is fading away. Instead, streamlined units that match the car’s body and enhance its shape are being professionally applied and used. At night, done right, these lights bring out the car’s shadowing and accents, making it an eye-catcher for an evening parade presentation or an attention-getter at the intersection.

The above clearly details that the latest Miami car styling trends are more than usual about subtlety and substance over appearance alone. You’d think matte black color wraps would make more of an impression but vinyl wrap colors still tend to be neon, chrome wrap or colors that reflect the natural world.

Rather than the latest flashy cosmetic feature, the latest cars show a toned-down desired for functional uniqueness. That’s a much harder styling challenge to achieve, and therefore can be even more admired and appreciated.

Wendy Feliu