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Futuristic Luxury Car Designs at the Frankfurt International Auto Show

Frankfurt International Autoshow Steinmeier gullwing stainless steelThe Frankfurt International Auto Show is held every other year and is definitely not your common car show. Kicking off on September 13th and running through September 25th, the Germans sure know how to showcase the latest sexy car designs.

From what we can see, this year’s trends are futuristic New Concept designs, precious metal finishes and fuel-efficient, “small-car” profiles designed to appeal to the younger car buyers.

If you are into luxury cars or the latest auto designs, the images from the show will surely get your engines purring! The various blogs and articles that we’ve been reading have gotten us at Auto SuperShield very excited about this Fall’s upcoming shows in Miami and Las Vegas.

In the meantime, here is a round-up of the media coverage of this week’s show:

BMW Concept Car Frankfurt International Auto Show 2011

BMW Concept Car

The Auto and Trends article, Frankfurt Motor Show 2011: Top 10 Hot Wheels (PHOTOS) in the International Business Times has an excellent Slideshow of the latest creations. Their hot picks include: the new BMW i8 Concept Car and the elegant, gull-winged Mercedes Benz F125.

Autoweek is a great site if you want a Virtual Tour of the show. Their pick for the Editor’s Choice award is the sleek Jaguar C-X16. This beautiful coupe oozes luxury and class with an elongated hood design reminiscent of a classic racing car.

One of our favorite articles this week is GearboxMagazine.com’s nostalgic trip down memory lane. In a series of quick smartphone images of brochures, he takes us back 20 years to the trip he took as a kid to the Frankfurt Auto Show. His look back was a fresh and creative approach to covering the event in the midst of the glamorous and glitzy media blitz.

Mini Car Frankfurt International Auto Show 2011 Metallic Silver Chrome Finish

Metallic Chrome Finish Mini Car

In keeping with today’s economic conditions, the Wall Street Journal highlights the various designs of mini cars that were introduced to appeal to the younger market. In today’s world, bigger is not better. The new small-car designs being showcased at the IAA are the Mercedes B-class, Volkswagon Up mini car, and Fiat’s Panda. Today’s car designers are clearly recognizing that there is an increasing need for fuel-efficiency without sacrificing the desire for great design. Hopefully, those savvy, little wheels will make it to the US!

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