It’s Easier to Wash Your Car When a Coating is Applied

November 24, 2021

What’s more beautiful than a gleaming car? It’s certainly a labor of love to wash, wax, and polish your pride and joy—not to mention keeping it looking that way. So, the 64-million-dollar question is…. Does the addition of a paint protection coating make it easier to keep your car clean? 

Many myths surround this, and we think it’s time to tell the truth once and for all. 

Read on to find out all you need to know about car coatings and what they do in regard to keeping your car clean.

Car Cleaning with Coating is Easier: That’s a bold statement!

  • Let’s talk car coatings
  • Hydrophobic coating explained
  • No wax required

Let’s talk car coatings

OK, so the first thing we need to clarify is that the application of a paint protection coating doesn’t mean that your days of car washing are over. Sadly, nothing can do that. However, what it does do is reduce the number of times and the level of effort needed to keep your car buffed to perfection.

One of the major reasons this occurs is that coatings—or, to give them their proper name, paint protection coating or film—have properties that mean they can repel water. The term for this is ‘hydrophobic coating’.

More about that in a moment. First, let’s briefly cover the different types of paint protection coatings available.

There are 3 broad types, as follows:

  1. Paint Protection Film, or PPF: As the name suggests this is a clear film that’s applied to the exterior of the vehicle. It can either cover the whole car or just the areas that are most prone to damage, such as the wings, bumper, wing mirrors, etc.
  2. Ceramic coating: Using nano-technology, a rock hard, thin ceramic-based substance is applied to the paintwork. This bonds to the paint beneath, providing an invisible toughened exterior with an incredible shine.
  3. Vinyl wrap: This is a tough, thin film of your chosen color (or colors) that changes the whole appearance of the car. It’s akin to having a respray without the excessive cost, plus the coating can be removed when required to return the car to its original look. 

Hydrophobic coating explained 

Hydrophobia means, quite simply, that the coating repels water. While any of the coatings can’t prevent water spots from occurring, what they do is prevent water (and the dirt it harbors) from sticking to the car. This means the car doesn’t build up layers of grime anywhere near as quickly as normal, hence the car stays cleaner for longer. It also means that when you wash it, the water runs away, making it far easier to dry and buff to a gleaming shine.  

No wax required

The reason you apply wax to a car is to provide a layer of protection to the paintwork and to buff to a shine. But with a protective coating—be it ceramic or PPF—you already have that built-in protection and, once you’ve dried the car, the shine. 

Not only is your car easier to wash with a coating, but you can wave goodbye to those lost hours spent waxing on—waxing off (a Karate Kid reference there, for movie buffs of a certain age). Plus, the shine achieved with a car coating, and a ceramic coating, in particular, is far, far superior to anything you’ll ever see with waxing, no matter how long you spend trying.

Car Cleaning with Coating is a Winner: Ask the Experts at Auto SuperShield

Are you ready to be a car coating convert? Are you ready to rock the shine that only a car coating can bring? Are you ready to claim back those laborious hours spent washing, waxing, and polishing when you should be hitting the open road? 

If the answer is a resounding yes, then don’t entrust your pride and joy to anyone but the experts at Auto SuperShield.

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