Is PPF Film Worth it on a Used Car?

June 10, 2022

Is PPF Film Worth it on a Used Car?

PPF (paint protection film) is all the rage right now. But should you get it installed on a new car? Well, the answer isn’t as simple as a yes or no… To define whether or not it’s worth the money, we first need to talk about the reasons for using it.

If you’re considering whether or not it might be worth getting it done, read on to discover everything you want to know about paint protection on a used car. 

The Reasons for Installing Paint Protection

  • What paint protection products do
  • The different types of paint protection 

What paint protection products do

Without stating the obvious, such products are installed to protect a vehicle’s factory paintwork. Many elements cause obvious and less obvious damage to that beautiful shine. These include:

  • Rock and stone chips
  • Scratches from physical objects, such as twigs and branches
  • Water damage, such as acid rain
  • UV rays
  • Bird droppings
  • Dust, sand, and other debris that blows around in the air 

While you’ll likely see a deep scratch caused by, say, a stone chip, what isn’t as obvious are the microscopic scratches that cause paint degradation and fade over time. UV rays are another culprit, leeching the color from your ride’s paintwork—especially if you live in a hot climate. 

Paint protection products create a very effective barrier between these elements, ensuring that a car remains pristine for many years.

The different types of paint protection 

The two types of paint protection products are: 

  1. Paint protection film (PPF)
  2. Ceramic coating 

Each can be used in isolation or, for the ultimate protection, together. 

Putting Paint Protection on a Used Car

  • Paint protection film on a used car
  • Ceramic coating paint protection on a used car 

Paint protection film on a used car

Many people think that PPF is only worth it on a car that’s not long off the factory production line. While this is a great time to have it installed, there’s also a case for applying it to a used car with paintwork that’s in good condition.

PPF will: 

  • Retain the paintwork in its current condition
  • Dramatically reduces the need to detail the vehicle
  • Makes cleaning far easier
  • Helps increase the car’s resale value  

While it doesn’t make sense to apply PPF over paintwork that’s already degraded to a great extent, it is a great option if the paint is in good condition. You should also consider an installation if you have a car resprayed, as such an expense deserves great paintwork protection.

Ceramic coating paint protection on a used car 

Applying a ceramic coating to a used car should also be approached in the same manner. If the paintwork is in good condition, this will add a deep shine to the exterior like no other product. It has the same advantages as mentioned above, but one thing that you also might consider is an application to a wrapped car.

Not many people know that you can combine a car wrap with ceramic coating. But to do so is the ultimate way to give your ride a makeover. Far easier than a respray, wrapping a vehicle can transform its looks—car wraps can come in any style, color, or pattern you require.

Applying a ceramic coating over a car wrap is a skilled process, so be sure to have it done professionally to get the beautiful result you crave. 

In short, the answer to whether or not you should install a paint protection product on a used car is this: if the paintwork is in good condition, then yes, it’s a great idea. After all, it increases the value and ensures the vehicle’s great looks, so what’s not to love? 

Considering Paint Protection on a Used Car? At Auto Supershield We’ll Give You an Honest Appraisal 

There’s no cut and dried “rules” as to whether your ride’s paintwork would benefit from a paint protection product. However, our expert installers always carry out an in-depth inspection of a vehicle before advising as to what product they recommend or, indeed, whether it might not be worth it due to the condition of the paintwork.

As well as our outstanding reputation for paint protection installation, you can also be guaranteed that we’ll be honest as to the benefits you’ll get from any product. That’s why we’re happy to provide no-obligation quotes to our customers.

Discover more about some of our PPF products at and get in touch today to find out more.


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