Car Chrome Wraps: The Next Big Trend

June 20, 2020

For automobile enthusiasts or luxury car owners having the perfect look is not a choice, it’s mandatory. Chrome-wrapped cars have caught on in a big way – they’re out there getting envious looks. If you feel your best when your car also looks its best then it’s money well spent.This is an affordable way to reinvent your vehicle but what makes them popular? Two main things – total customization and car protection. It’s rare that something is both eye-popping and useful.Wrapping your vehicle with the latest and most trendy wrap helps maintain the resale value with the advantage of preserving the original details beneath. Chrome wrapped cars can be customized giving your vehicle an elusive one-of-a-kind finish that will keep other enthusiasts glued. They preserve all original detailing underneath, as well.Comparison of Painting and Chrome Car WrapIf you are just thinking of customizing your luxury vehicle, one question that could be killing you is, should I paint or wrap? Many people believe that paint is more durable. However, a well done chrome wrap lasts just as long plus, it preserves the color detail below – so you can unwrap without losing any of the original color, if you need to.There are a number of reasons car wraps are so popular including:

  • Cost: This is the main advantage given that the cost of wrapping can be as low as $500-5000 while the paint job will cost $2000 all the way up to $10,000. Given wrapping can be maintained for 5-8 years it makes a lot more sense to wrap the vehicle.
  • Resale: Some people prefer bright colors and exotic design while others prefer the original details. With a wrap you can get to enjoy both and remove the wrap without damaging the original color and detail. A properly installed car wrap will ensure you can protect what lies beneath.
  • Greater variety: The main reason Chrome car wraps are becoming popular the inexhaustible options. These wraps open the doors to various customizations that you would not ordinarily have using paint, including digitally made designs and hundreds of custom colors.
  • Easy to maintain: While paint jobs can look great they are tedious and often require waxing to bring out their luster. This can be a bit of a hassle and many people are turning to car wraps as these do not require waxing – simple hand washes with soap and water. Removing dirt and smudges is also very easy – just use a microfiber rug and 70% alcohol. A word of caution: make sure the shop that installs the chrome wrap layers a protective film on top of the chrome to prevent scratches.
  • Better in weather: For vehicle owners in Florida avoiding the effects of the weather is especially ideal given it reflects a lot of sunlight. The reflective nature of the wrap will be useful in keeping internal temperatures down. Deflecting the sun also ensures the paint beneath the wrap remains in good condition for longer.

Performing Car Wrap Installation CorrectlyThere’s a right way to wrap a car and many wrong ways. People who try to install it on their own often do an incomplete job. When it’s done wrongly, bubbles and unevenness are frequent. As well, paint often shows when you open the doors or trunk or beneath bumpers. It takes time but it’s worth the effort.You want to ensure you get your wrapping done by a certified installer. Whichever location you pick should take great pride in its team of certified technicians who ensure each job is done to the highest standard. They shop should value their relationship with you and know that a person with a great car usually knows a lot of other people with similar cars who may want customization work done.Your vehicle is an investment and a passion. For the best in customization and creating car styling trends that make you and your car look good, give us a call or visit us for a conversation.


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