How To Remove Ceramic Coating To Apply A New Layer

August 19, 2021

How To Remove Ceramic Coating To Apply A New Layer

Ceramic coating lasts many years but at some point, you might want to remove it to apply a new layer. As the coating bonds to the paintwork beneath, removing it is something that requires time, patience, and a level of expertise to ensure that doing so doesn’t cause any damage. 

Read on to discover the necessary steps to successfully remove a ceramic coating from your car.

Ceramic Coating Removal: A step-by-step process 

  • When would you need to remove a ceramic coating?
  • 2 different removal methods 

When would you need to remove a ceramic coating? 

There are many reasons to remove a ceramic coating. The most common is to apply a new layer once an old one is nearing failure. Others include wanting to alter the appearance of the vehicle, perhaps with a vinyl wrap, or if you want to have the car resprayed. If bodywork is necessary—maybe to repair any damage—then this is another reason to remove the coating.

2 different removal methods

Thankfully, removing ceramic coating has become slightly easier over the years. This is down to the technology of the coatings themselves, as well as the products available to remove them.

In general, there are 2 main methods for removing ceramic coating. Which you choose will be influenced by the length of time a coating has been in place. 

Method 1: For coatings less than 3 years old.  Polish, polish, and polish again.

This involves using a polishing compound and orbital polisher to gradually cut through the layers of the coating. The car should first be washed and dried thoroughly before polishing begins. Generally, a medium-grade compound is used to start, gradually reducing this to finer and finer grades. Finally, use a finishing compound to remove the last remnants, followed by spraying with cold water to remove any dust or other contaminants.

Remember, this method is literally cutting into the coat and grinding it away until it’s all removed. Care must be taken to ensure you don’t go too far and begin to remove the clear coat of factory paintwork below.

Method 2: For coatings more than 3 years old: Clay bar and washing

Coatings older than about 3 years tend to have thinned quite dramatically. Therefore, they’re easier to remove. 

The first step is to wash the car with a wax stripping shampoo. Then get scrubbing with a clay bar or clay mitt treatment. Once done, spray with clean water and dry each panel with a clean microfiber towel. Finally, prep with a ceramic coating wipe and you’re ready to apply a new one.

DIY or Professional: A word of caution about removing a ceramic coating

  • Time, space, patience, and a penchant for perfection

Time, space, patience, and a penchant for perfection 

A word to the wise when it comes to removing a ceramic coating from your vehicle. It’s not as easy as it sounds! OK, if it’s an older coating and you’re using method number 2, then the chance of you damaging the paintwork below is minimal.  

But method number 1? There’s a real risk of cutting into the clear layer and doing untold damage to the paintwork. Let’s also not forget that removing a ceramic coating is hard work, not to mention that the right conditions and preparation for the new coat are pretty tough to manage outside of a professional environment.

Auto SuperShield Offer the Ultimate Ceramic Coating Removal and New Layer Application

Let’s face it, if you’re passionate enough about your car to want to remove the ceramic coating and apply another layer, then you want to ensure impeccable results. Unless you have plenty of time, the tools, the location, and the knowledge to carry out a first-class job then you’ll likely want it carried out by an expert.

At Auto SuperShield, car coating is all that we do. From ceramic coatings to wraps, window tints to PPF, we live, breathe, and dream beautiful bodywork. If you demand professional results, plus expert advice regarding which type of ceramic coating you should go for, visit today and get in touch for a no-obligation quote.


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