How To Protect Your Car Windows At Home

August 19, 2021

How To Protect Your Car Windows At Home

Many of us think about car window protection when we’re driving, but have you considered the damage that the elements do when the car’s simply parked up at home? Not only that but what if someone poured something onto them—either by accident or intentionally?

We all pay mucho attention to protecting our car’s paintwork, but often fail to give the same care to the windows.

The following discusses the options you have to protect your car windows during the times you’re not driving, as well as when you are.

Protect Your Car Windows 24/7 

  • Protect your car windows: basic level
  • Protect your car windows: intermediate level
  • Protect your car windows: master’s level

Protect your car windows: basic level

At home, protection of your car’s windows should, at the very least, include the following: 

  • Ensure they’re in the closed position whenever you leave your car parked up
  • Don’t use any harsh chemicals when cleaning or washing your car. These can cause damage to the integrity of the glass, raising the risk of damage occurring over time
  • Park your car out of the elements. Whether this is shaded from hot sunshine or undercover to reduce frost or ice exposure, this is one of the basic window protection factors that will pay dividends in the long-term
  • Change windscreen wipers when necessary. These degrade with use, not only reducing their water-dispersing ability but also putting undue stress on the windshield itself
  • Put window covers or a shield over the car if it’s left for extended periods. This will prevent sun or ice damage, plus prevent environmental damage—including bird droppings, UV rays, acid rain, and more.
  • Should any damage occur to a windshield or other car window, getting it repaired or replaced at the earliest opportunity is a wise move.

Protect your car windows: intermediate level 

Adding a nano-ceramic coating polish to your car windows is an effective method of protecting the glass. It protects the shine and adds an element of protection to any impact from twigs, stones, bug strikes, etc. There are many different kinds of ceramic polish for windows on the market, each taking a little effort to apply. Many people carry this out as a finishing touch when they’ve washed, dried, and waxed their vehicle.

Protect your car windows: master’s level 

Add window film for the ultimate protection. This can be clear or tinted, depending on your requirements. For those who’re fortunate to live in sunny climes, such as Florida, window tints are a great option. This might include a sun visor element on the windshield, clear protection on the front driver and passenger windows, and a darker tint elsewhere.

You should be aware that every state has different regulations as to the level of tint that’s allowed on various windows of a car. It’s always best to take professional advice to ensure you stay on the right side of the law—plus you need to take care that, if you cross a state border, that you don’t violate any rules that might differ from your home location. 

Both clear and tinted window films have multiple advantages. They protect the glass from the elements, help repel water, and—when it comes to a darker tint—look pretty damn cool as well.

Ready to Action the Ultimate Way to Protect Your Car Windows? Contact Auto SuperShield Today

Adding window protection film or tint is the ultimate way to protect your car windows. You can choose the level of tint that best fits your vibe and, with the fast, professional service you receive at Auto SuperShield, your ride will soon be rocking the ultimate in good looks AND that of great window protection. 

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