How to Protect Your Car From Scratches

June 20, 2020

That ‘just left the showroom’ gleam is something we all want our wheels to possess. You spend your hard-earned cash on the ride of your dreams, so of course, you want to safeguard that precious paintwork. 

But what’s the best method to protect your car from scratches? Certainly not by keeping it under wraps, that’s for sure. Your car was born to be driven, so taking a few precautions means you can hit the road without a care in the world, knowing you ‘ve done all you can to defend against scratches that mar the look of your pride and joy.

The 4 Best Methods to Guard Against Paintwork Scratches

·      How to protect your car from scratches #4: car wax

·      How to protect your car from scratches #3: paint sealant

·      How to protect your car from scratches #2: ceramic coating

·      How to protect your car from scratches #1: paint protection film

How to protect your car from scratches #4: car wax

Humble car wax can, if you use the correct type and apply it correctly, can give a little protection against scratches for a limited time. Most waxes come in a wax-polish combination, so your car looks pretty buff after it’s applied too.

·      Pros: Simple to apply, inexpensive, simple to apply, also protects against heat.

·      Cons: Doesn’t last for long, needs to be regularly reapplied, it takes a lot of effort to apply correctly, and can trap particles of dirt that can damage the clear top portion of the paintwork. It provides the least protection of all four options.

How to protect your car from scratches #3: paint sealant

This is a synthetic product that’s designed to bind (temporarily) to the clear top coat of the paintwork and provide a slightly more effective protective layer than wax. It’s often produced in a hybrid formula of sealant, wax, and polish.

·      Pros: Anyone can apply this product, affordable, lasts for up to six months, quality ones create a lovely glassy finish.

·      Cons: Involves more preparation work than waxing alone, needs to be removed, which can take some effort and special cleaning products, and can highlight any paintwork imperfections.

How to protect your car from scratches #2: ceramic coating

This uses Nano-ceramic particles to create a thin coat of uber-hard glass over the clear coat of the paintwork. As it dries it melts into any imperfections of the top layer of paint, leaving an imperceptible barrier against scratches, debris heat, UV rays, water, and even chemicals.

·      Pros: Hardwearing (lasts anything from two to five years), provides superior scratch resistance than wax or sealants, removes the need to wax your car, super shiny, repels dirt, and is hydrophobic.

·      Cons: While there are DIY options, it’s best carried out by a professional, requires a huge amount of prep, expensive (compared to the above options), difficult to remove (which needs to be done before a new coat is applied), and there’s a whole host of low-quality, cheaper options on the market that aren’t not worth your hard-earned dollars.

How to protect your car from scratches #1: paint protection film

Paint protection film (PPF) is by far the superior method to protect your car, not only from scratches, but also rock chips and anything  likely to cause more major damage to the paintwork. It can be applied to the whole car or just certain areas, such as side-view mirrors, front bumpers, hood, etc.

·      Pros: Provides exceptional paintwork protection, has self-healing properties (in other words, if it sustains damage you just buff or gently heat and the mark disappears), great longevity—up to 10 years in some cases—and is pretty much completely scratch proof.

·      Cons: The most expensive option, can attract dirt meaning more frequent washing, discolors over time—especially if exposed to excessive UV light—and if it sustains serious damage (think vandalism) the whole thing will need replacing.

Again, while you can go for a DIY option, it always pays to get PPF done professionally. Another option to consider is a vinyl wrap. These come in any color scheme, pattern, or finish you like and, once again, provide hugely superior protection to the original paintwork.

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