How to protect car paint from the sun

June 30, 2023

How to Protect Car Paint from the Sun

The sun’s out… Hoorah! But while we’re all pretty diligent at protecting our own skin with regular application of high-factor sun cream, we’re not so good at looking after our car’s exterior.

This is a huge oversight. Sun damage to your pride and joy’s paintwork might not be evident on a daily basis, but those UV rays are one of the greatest enemies to that beautiful exterior shine.

However, there are some easy solutions. From car wax (yawn—so last century!) to advanced paint protection film (PPF) and ceramic coating, isn’t it time you gave your ride the sunscreen it deserves…?

Say No to the Fade! Easily Protect Your Car from UV Rays

  • How to protect car paint from the sun: level 1
  • How to protect car paint from the sun: level 2

How to protect car paint from the sun: level 1

OK, so we’ve already discounted car wax. Oh—why’s that? Because, while wax is cheap, it’s only semi-effective for a few weeks at best and, as we all know, it takes a whole lotta effort to apply it… 

If you’d rather spend your time driving your ride than waxing it, then you’re going to want to protect her from UV rays in a far less laborious (and far better) way.

The first of these is paint protection film. PPF is a thermoplastic polyurethane that’s carefully applied to the vehicle. This provides an incredible barrier and virtually stops UV rays from getting to the paint.

And the result? No UV paint fade…

How to protect car paint from the sun: level 2

So, PPF sounds great, right? But good as it is, there’s always another level, if you choose to embrace it. In this case, it's an advanced ceramic coating.

The wonders of ceramic coating can’t be over-exaggerated. However, before we continue, let’s make it very clear that we’re not talking about the cheapo stuff that you can buy from the car shop and apply yourself. These are little more than fancy wax that’ll take you ages to do and will need to be redone every few months.

Professional-grade ceramic coating is another story entirely. This is a liquid product full of invisible ceramic nano-particles that bond firmly to the paintwork surface. It’s these little babies that provide the magic touch. Not only do they create an impregnable barrier to those pesky UV rays, but they also reflect the light. This creates the deepest, most incredible shine that you’ve ever seen in your life!

Great, we hear you say… PPF is a good option, but ceramic coating is even better, right?

This is true. But remember what we said about there always being another level? Well, if you want the ultimate sun protection for your ride, then you need to combine the two.

Yep, you got it. The very best way to protect your car from harmful UV rays is with a ceramic coating-PPF combo. Not only does this provide total sunblock, but you also benefit from the following:

  • Hydrophobic properties, meaning your vehicle doesn’t need washing as often.
  • Protection from chemicals, such as acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, etc.
  • Prevents minor scratches and dings, caused by stone chips, twigs, branches, etc.
  • Shine, shine, shiny paintwork…!
  • The paintwork remains in pristine condition. This means the car retains better value and will be worth more when the time comes to trade.

Ready to discuss PPF or Ceramic Coating? Call Auto SuperShield Today

When it comes to protecting your car’s beautiful exterior from UV ray attacks, there’s no one more experienced than the team at Auto SuperShield. We’re passionate about providing the right solution for your car paint requirements. Whether this is PPF, ceramic coating, or a combination of the two, our technicians will discuss your individual vehicle needs, your budget, and multiple other elements to determine what’s best.

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