How to Personalize Your Car: 4 Ways to Stand Out

June 20, 2020
How to personalize your car

Vehicles are rarely tailored to one driver in particular, and even limited-edition models and rare exotics can easily blend into the milieu of luxury cars in South Florida. The good news is that you can easily inject some personality into your ride that will help it stand out. The even better news is that some of these aftermarket customization options can even improve your car’s performance and resale value. Talk about a win-win-win scenario.

Aero Kits

Also known as body kits, aero kits typically consist of front and rear bumpers, spoilers, and side guards. In addition to giving your ride a unique aftermarket look, aero kits can also make your car sportier and more fun to drive. Side skirts, for example, reduce drag by preventing underbody airflow from disturbing side airflow. Although aftermarket body kits are available online, we recommend you leave the installation to professionals as it sometimes requires the removal of factory parts and components. has a large selection of aftermarket body kits for virtually every make and model, including luxury and exotic brands like Aston Martin, Bentley, Lamborghini, Jaguar, and Lotus.

Aftermarket Wheels

New wheels can give your ride a new look, but the wrong wheels can disastrous. When shopping for aftermarket wheels, look for designs that aren’t overly-gaudy so as not to completely dominate your car’s appearance. There are lots of buying guides that can help you select the right wheels for your ride, but in the meantime here are some quick tips:

  • High-quality, long-lasting wheels aren’t cheap, but they are built to endure different temperatures and environments better than cheap aftermarket wheels.
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy wheels can improve acceleration and braking, which is especially noticeable in larger vehicles.
  • A general rule of thumb when sizing up or down—or rather, when choosing a different size than the factory-issued wheels—is to stick within three percent of the original equipment specification to prevent problems with transmission shift points and fuel efficiency.

Custom Upholstery

Want to ride in style and comfort? A sexy car interior complete with leather upholstered seats, soft-touch headliners, and plush carpeting will wrap you in luxury and turn heads while you cruise around with the windows down. A bold, unique interior will definitely garner comments from envious passerby, not to mention the first impression it will make on a first-time passenger. Investing in a custom interior may even increase your car’s resale value, although you should design the interior you want and not the interior you think a potential future buyer might want.

Vinyl Wrap

Want your car to be as original as you are? Although you might at first consider a custom paint job, vinyl wrap is in fact a much better option. For starters, wrapping your vehicle is cheaper than painting it, and because vinyl wraps are easy to install and remove you can change the look of your car as often as you wish. Milder color-change wraps are popular, but you can really turn your ride into a one-of-a-kind head-turner with a custom vinyl wrap featuring a personalized design or theme.If you want to stand out and turn heads, Auto Super Shield can transform your ride with a luxury vehicle wrap. We offer all the color-change wraps you can imagine, in addition to unique designs and finishes like chrome, carbon fiber, and velvet—that’s right, velvet car wrap. We also specialize in 100 percent custom vehicle wrap designs, so come to us with an idea and we can help turn it into a reality. To learn more about our luxury vehicle wraps, call us at (561) 367-0101 or contact us online.


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