How to Choose Tint for Car Windows

June 20, 2020

Applying window tint to your car offers a multitude of advantages. But with many different colors and types on the market, selecting which best suits your needs can be a challenge.

Good window tint is an investment and, once applied, should last a lengthy period—so it pays to get it right. The following discusses the most important things you need to know about how to choose car tint for windows, the advantages, and the different kinds on offer.

How to Choose Tint for Car Windows: Must-know factors

·      All window tints are not made equal

·      Quality counts

·      Different tints for different windows

·      How to choose tint for car windows: stay legal

All window tints are not made equal

There are many different types of window tint. You should familiarize yourself with these before you make your final decision on what best suits your needs. These include:

·      Metallic film: Aesthetically pleasing, as it appears shiny from the outside, it’s also incredibly effective at heat reflection and blocking UV rays. However, the metallic element can cause cell phone and GPS signals to be of poorer quality, making it unsuitable in a lot of cases.

·      Carbon film: Contains no metal and therefore removes any issues that might affect GPS or cell phone signals. This is a very durable option with a matt finish. Very effective at blocking heat and UV rays.

·      Ceramic window tint: This is a relatively new type of tinting and proving very popular. It works through the use of tiny ceramic particles that reflect heat and block UV rays. One of the more expensive options, this extra cost is reflected in its resilience to fading, longevity, and increased glass-shatter resistance properties.

·      Dyed window tinting: One of the cheaper options, it involves the layering of dye upon the glass. This then absorbs heat, so preventing a percentage of it from entering the vehicle. It’s quite opaque, so is a good privacy option, yet it fades over time so it will need to be replaced.

·      Crystalline tinting: This blocks unwanted UV rays and solar heat, but doesn’t make the windows dark. This type can provide a very slight tint or no tint at all, depending on the type you select.

·      Hybrid window film: This is a combination of metallic film and dyed window tint, and gives the advantages of both types while reducing the disadvantages. It blocks a high level of UV rays and solar heat and is a good choice for those who want a tint that’s not too dark.

Quality counts

As well as considering the type of tint, you should go for the best you can afford. The level of tint pigmentation is not representative of its quality, so don’t be fooled into thinking that the darker the color, the better it is. Some of the most superior makes on the market include the 3M Ceramic, Crystalline, and Color Stable Series, Suntek CXP, and those from Prestige Film Technologies.

Different tints for different windows

You might want to consider having a variety of tints on certain parts of the vehicle. So you might have a different type on the windscreen to that on the rear window, the sunroof, and even the car mirrors to reduce glare.

How to choose tint for car windows: stay legal

Of course, the most vital aspect is that you remain within the law. All states have individual regulations, and it’s your responsibility to ensure you conform. This also applies for when you cross state lines, as what’s legal in, for example, Florida, might not be the same as Georgia or Alabama.

Advantages of Car Window Tint

·      From looks to protection

From looks to protection

There are so many reasons to tint your car windows. Some of the most popular are:

·      Helps with interior climate control

·      Reduces the use of air-con and therefore increases fuel economy

·      Blocks harmful UV rays

·      Reduces fading 

·      Increases privacy

·      Looks pretty damn cool!

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