Sharpie Lamborghini Hood Auto SuperShield

How the Sharpie Lamborghini is Inspiring Other “Sportscar Art”

Sharpie Lamborghini Hood Auto SuperShieldWhen Irv David passed away in 2007, his 19-year old heir Brett David became the newly appointed CEO of his Lamborghini dealership. Embracing his new position, Brett decided to craft an extreme Lamborghini that catered to younger generations. This new, distinctive, and modern Lamborghini would become something that would gain national and international attention. The name of the mobile masterpiece Brett started to work on was the Sharpie Lamborghini. After partnering with a local Miami graffiti artist by the name of Jona Cerwinske, the classic vehicle was turned into an iconic masterpiece. With a unique, urban appeal, the story of the Sharpie Lamborghini shows that art does not have to be on a specific type of canvas. Sometimes, the canvas can be your sports car.

Whenever someone tries something new they are taking a risk. It is just human nature for people to question or criticize what they are not familiar with. When Pollock started showing is drip paintings to art galleries and critics in New York, a majority of the critics believed he had gone mad. It was not until the public positively received the art work that the pieces were considered real art. The same goes for modern pieces of art, whether the canvas is a piece of cloth or the surface of an expensive sports car. How the Sharpie Lamborghini changed opinions is a perfect example of how something new and innovative can be received well.

More and more people are now willing to make a statement with their sports car paint. After seeing just how much attention the Sharpie Lamborghini received during its debut in 2007, more and more auto shops are offering very unique custom wraps to help vehicle owners turn their automobiles into distinctive pieces of artwork. In a world where so many people want the option to customize their personal belongings, it is no surprise that the option to customize your auto paint so dramatically is enticing. Everyone from auto show participants to celebrities are now turning their car into something intriguing with sportscar art.

Not just anyone can buy a Sharpie and start sketching on a Lamborghini. If you truly want your sports car to be a piece of art, you need to hire professionals to help you choose the right wraps and the right custom design. Your design does not necessarily have to be as detailed as the Sharpie Lamborghini design just to have the same effect. We can help you transform your car on your budget with the right materials and techniques. If you are looking for qualified professionals who can turn your prized possession into the car of your dreams, call Auto Super Shield and we will be happy to help you.

Wendy Feliu