How Much Does Window Tinting Cost?

June 20, 2020

Window tinting film is a natural evolution from tinted glass. And it’s much less expensive. Since cars have been mass produced, car window film technology has existed. But it really only started to be a known customization in the 1960s. It’s become more popular every decade since.One would hope they’ve evolved and they have. Though cheap, the earliest film was prone to scratches which ultimately made the vehicle look tacky. The other main issue was that most of the early window tint film was too dark, which made it difficult to see, especially at night, and more accidents resulted.

Why Tint?

Before considering car window tint prices you should ask yourself why you want it done.Window tinting improves driving during the day owing to improved visibility. It also gives the passengers privacy from prying eyes – the main reason celebs, company executives and many others never drive without it.The glare of the sun is the initial reason many people start considering window tint – it’s just so annoying. But window tint does more to block out sun.Proper tint plays a major role in keeping your vehicle upholstery in great shape and away from the damaging effects of the sun. Tinted windows, especially those with advanced UV and Infrared capabilities will also reduce exposure to the skin damaging effects of sun rays. This is an important consideration for long distance drivers and even people who spend some time daily on the commute to and from work.Two other benefits people don’t often think of right away are:

  1. That window tint keeps the interior much cooler.
  2. It provides a layer that holds together window glass in the case of accidents. The window will still break, but pieces of sharp glass won’t fly everywhere.

In many places vehicle window tinting is illegal or requires some type of certification. In this case, just having the window tint installed can lead to a ticket. Make enquiries about what’s legal in your state before having the job done.

Window Tinting Options Affects Prices

Several options are at your disposal and many affect car window tint prices. This is largely due to improved technology that has introduced better products; the percentage of tint you want is clearly big price factor (the higher the percentage, the higher the cost).Two other considerations are labor costs and warranties. There are window tint installers who inflate how long the jobs take. Do some comparison shopping to find out what seems best to you. It differs depending on type of tint and on how many windows it’s being added to.Warranties differ depending on the shop and the type of film. You should be offered one, however; pay attention to that as it’s a good sign of a company’s confidence in its own work.For these reasons, when investigating prices and services in Florida you can find great disparity; some places just haven’t caught up.

  • 2-ply metalized hybrid film is an option that comes with a long warranty. The scratch resistance is higher and shade variation is limited. This is considered a budget choice, however and it’s better to upgrade to carbon films.
  • Multi-ply carbon film is even more scratch resistant, has 1-piece seamless rear window coverage, durability (no fading or purple coloring after prolonged exposure), increased solar rejection and UV ray filtering, plus a great variation in shading, 18 to 70%.
  • The above option is only surpassed by multi-ply nano-carbon film. This has the best scratch resistance, exceptional UV ray filtering and solar energy rejections, a lifetime warranty, and a high level of shatter resistance.

Carbon and nano-carbon tints are used by car owners who want the best results, without worrying about future maintenance.

How Much Does Window Tinting Cost?

DIY Kits are available but if you go that route, hopefully you work at a junkyard and have a lot of trashed cars lying around to practice on. The kits can cost less than $100 but they are designed to only cover a limited window area.While they can be fun to try there is no guarantee you will get a great finish. Often these are the type of tints you see on the highway with tears, from bubbles or creases during installation. Affordable but best avoided – unless you are in college on a tight budget. Often this has a limited warranty and a very large variation the shade they offer making them unsuitable for a large number of vehicle owners.Adding window tint to your car is one of those things that you don’t have to do often. You should be able to have faith in the company that does it – and then forget about it as you enjoy its comfort and style benefits. If you have any questions about window tinting and what will perform best on your car, give us a call or visit us for a conversation.


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