How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Car?

June 20, 2020
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If you decide to buy a kit and apply vinyl adhesive wrap yourself, you can save money on installation, but without the right tools it’s easy to make mistakes.Wraps can vary from hundreds of dollars to thousands. The wide cost range is due to the fact that the work can stretch from a simple single color to textures, specific metals or custom work. Though some of the following is known by many, it’s good to review the basics to understand what effects the car wrap cost.Installing Car WrapsMost often made of vinyl, car wraps are like a giant sticker over your car's current paintjob. Pieces are made to the exact measurements of your vehicle for a perfect fit. When all the pieces line up, the final look is seamless.In a city like Miami, where appearances often matter more than anything, it’s important to stay on top of the hottest city trends with auto wraps, customizing these to your liking and changing them often. Other than feeling good behind the wheel, benefits to getting a car wrap for your vehicle include having an extra layer of protection against natural elements, scratches, and debris.How Do Car Wraps Adhere to a Vehicle?A technician uses a 25’x60’ roll of vinyl at the start of a wrap project. The adhesive on the sticky side of the vinyl includes specialized channels so air can escape from beneath the surface rather than form air bubbles. When applying the wrap:

  • Solvents and / or rubbing alcohol are used on the vehicle to prep it
  • Any molding and mirrors are removed if needed or necessary
  • A heat gun softens the wrap material
  • Edges are carefully trimmed and excess materials removed

Why Get a Car Wrap?Without buying a new car every few years, your older vehicle can look new again with one of these wraps. If you want to try out a more permanent feature like a smooth racing stripe, you can preview it with a wrap. You can also use these custom vinyl finishes to express yourself, showcasing a bit of your personality when you hop into the driver's seat.Business owners also benefit from striking and appealing mobile advertising. A logo, a tagline and a memorable image go a long way toward cost-efficient advertising to thousands of potential customers.How Much Do Car Wraps Cost?Car wrapping prices obviously vary depending on the wrap manufacturer, style of wrap and how much custom work you need done. Partial vehicle graphics can start below $100 per vehicle with full wraps $1,500 and up (installation included).Look deeper into vinyl wraps at Auto Super Shield. We showcase a variety of finishes, including satin, color-changing, carbon fiber, white, matte, and chrome in numerous hues, as well as textures and 3D looks. We love custom work, to put someone’s vision onto his or her prized vehicle.Auto SuperShield


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