How long does ceramic coating last

October 31, 2022

Ceramic coating is a valuable addition to any vehicle. You’ve probably heard varying reports as to its longevity, as well as many other non-fact-checked myths about the product.

Well, we thought it was time to put the record straight…

The following is the ultimate guide to ceramic coating that answers many FAQs, including the one that surrounds the greatest misinformation of all: how long does ceramic coating last?

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last and Other Oft-Asked Questions

  • How does ceramic coating work?
  • How long does ceramic coating last?
  • Is ceramic coating worth it?
  • Is ceramic coating expensive?
  • Who should install ceramic coating?

How does ceramic coating work?

Ceramic coating is an advanced liquid product that, once applied to paintwork, dries and cures to a super-hard top coating. It contains nanoparticles of ceramic, which is what gives it its robust nature. Once in place, it creates an additional layer of protection to the paintwork below, with the ability to guard against typical environmental damage, such as:

  • Rock strikes
  • Bird droppings
  • Acid rain
  • UV rays
  • Tree sap
  • Scratches caused by sticks, twigs, and other foliage

Because of its ultra-smooth nature, dirt, grime, and bacteria have a harder time clinging to ceramic coating. This also makes the vehicle easier to keep clean.

How long does ceramic coating last?

Ceramic coating comes in different levels. Any online search will bring up many options, from DIY to professional installation. The former can last as little as a few weeks. But the latter? Well… We’re talking about many years of protection.

One of the leading products on the market, Xpel Fusion Plus, comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee of 4 years. Of course, you do need to get this professionally applied, as such a product in the hands of an amateur could seal in minor paintwork damage that will become far more obvious beneath the gleam of a ceramic coating.

We can’t advise enough about the importance of using an experienced professional to install such a product. After all, if you care enough about your ride to add such a valuable addition, then you surely want to know it’s done properly.

Is ceramic coating worth it?

In a nutshell, yes! But with a couple of provisos.

  • The car should have good paintwork to begin with
  • Prep should be carried out with care, including any necessary paintwork correction
  • You get what you pay for… As with anything in life, if you cut corners, then the end product will be of an inferior standard (and definitely won’t last for many years) 

Is ceramic coating expensive?

This depends on the product you choose, and the amount of preparation needed. A new or nearly new car won’t need much prep, so will cost less. An older vehicle that needs a lot of work will cost more. 

Who should install ceramic coating?

If you care about your ride and want it to remain looking great for many years, then you should consider ceramic coating. If you’ve got (or are just about to take ownership of) a new car, then ceramic coating could be a wise move. The same applies after a respray or a car wrap. You can also combine ceramic coating with paint protection film for even greater paintwork protection. 

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