How Long Does a Ceramic Coating Last in Florida?

October 30, 2023

OK, so you’ve heard that ceramic coating does an awesome job of protecting factory paintwork from UV rays. But will this differ depending on the strength of said rays and how many hours of sunshine it’s exposed to? 

In Florida, for example, we’re blessed with glorious weather. Does this mean that ceramic coating doesn’t last as long as it would in—say—Oregon or Portland?

In some cases, the answer to that is a resounding yes. Some ceramic coatings will degrade faster in hotter climates. But, once you delve deeper into the subject, you’ll soon come to understand that the subject is a little more complex than that.

Ceramic Coating Longevity is Dependent on Two Key Aspects

  • Longevity is impacted by the quality of the product
  • It’s also impacted by the quality of the installation

Longevity is impacted by the quality of the product

When we look at a region, such as Florida, that has around 230 days of sun per year (we’re not called the Sunshine State for nothing, you know), it’s not hard to realize that sun damage can be a big issue.

If factor 50 is a must-have for our skin, what on earth are those UV rays doing to our cars’ paintwork? The short answer is that they are indeed having a negative impact, causing them to fade, crack, and peel over time.

Ceramic coating (and we’re talking about professionally installed ceramic coating, not those DIY products that are just an enhanced form of car wax) creates a virtually impenetrable barrier between those damaging rays and the luster of your ride’s paintwork. But (and this is huge but), only the higher quality ceramic coating options can stand up to regular harsh sunlight. This is why it’s really important to only entrust a reputable installer to ceramic coat your vehicle. Do so and you can expect the protection to last for many years. Choose someone who uses a cheaper and inferior product, and you might find that the coating begins to degrade in a couple of years or even less…

It’s also impacted by the quality of the installation

However, it’s not only the quality of the coating that affects its lifespan. The best ceramic coating in the world is only as good as its installation. Get it wrong and it won’t only not do a proper job, but can look awful as well…

A correctly installed ceramic coating process goes something like this:

In a semi-sterile, temperature-controlled environment, you should…

  • Carry out a regular shampoo deep clean of the paintwork.
  • Get down and dirty with a clay bar treatment that gets into every nook and cranny.
  • Dry every inch of the paintwork with multiple clean chamois or microfiber cloths.
  • Carry out any paintwork corrections.
  • Re-clean the paintwork (clay bar again, if necessary)
  • Carry out the ceramic coating installation in a single sitting.
  • Allow the coating to cure for a minimum of 24 hours before moving the vehicle.

Skipping any of the above steps or attempting to carry them out in a location where contaminants can re-settle onto the paint will result in a finish that exacerbates any paintwork flaws. This certainly isn’t the aim of a ceramic coating installation, but— unfortunately—is a reality when done by an inexpert hand…

On a happier note, a correctly performed ceramic coating using a high-quality product designed specifically for a high-heat, high-salt, high-humidity environment, such as Florida, can be expected to last for many years. You should easily get five years or more in such a scenario. However, be sure to confirm with your installer the length of the manufacturer’s guarantee, which is typically around five years or even more for top-end products.

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