How Effective Is Vehicle Wrap Advertising?

How Effective Is Vehicle Wrap Advertising?

Marketing managers or anyone involved in a business looking to spend advertising money need data to support their decisions. The infographic here provides solid numbers, detailing how memorable fleet graphics and vehicle wraps are and how they generally offer a better return on investment. For instance, outdoor signage on vehicles cost about $3.50 per thousand impressions, compared to about $24 per 1,000 for TV.

Being noticed doesn’t just happen, though and the infographic below manages to pack in information about related best marketing practices, as well. Those efforts start with an eye-catching, relevant image – for instance a large scorpion for a pest elimination company or dance floor partiers for a nightclub.

How Effective is Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Vehicle Wraps – Marketing Best Practices

If you also have your company name clear and an easy to remember phone number you’re more than half way there. The phone number should be exclusively for such on-the-move-advertising so your company can track results. A catchy line about your services also goes a long way. That’s especially true if, when people type in that phrase in a search engine, your website shows up.

Lastly, if you can offer a discount or deal only for people who see your mobile billboards or other vehicle branding, then you are another step ahead of the competition. Using the same exclusive phone number mentioned above will help bring in customers and track marketing results.

If you are to play around with a few messages and looks in the real world, making sure the cars travel in roughly the same areas, then you can track what works that much better. Next time around, direct more dollars to what has proven to work.

For businesses looking to stretch their marketing budget, fleet advertising offers unbeatable value. This infographic compares the cost of different media assets to reveal the true value of fleet advertising, as well as statistics that highlight the effectiveness of vehicle advertising. Enjoy, share and let Auto Super Shield know if they can help you in any other way.


Wendy Feliu