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How 3M Paint Protection is applied

How is 3M Paint Protection Film Applied?

How 3M Paint Protection is appliedThe installation is very tedious and time consuming, even for a highly trained installer. The painted surface of the car must be washed clean and must be stripped of any wax in areas to be protected by Auto SuperShield 3M Paint Protection film. The surface must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure a good adhesive bond to the film, and the vehicle should be under cover or at least out of direct sunlight during the installation. The 3M Paint Protection film has a paper backing that is removed to expose the adhesive under the backing. It is then sprayed with a solvent composed of 25% alcohol, and 75% water. The 3M Paint Protection film is then moistened, positioned in place, and squeegeed to the surface of the vehicle. Excess moisture will take a few days in the sun to dry and cure properly. All edges are completely covered to protect against road damage from all angles.

We suggest that a highly trained Auto SuperShield installer handle all installations.
A great installation is essential to making a 3M Automotive clear bra truly invisible.

Wendy Feliu