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“Handcrafted” Sports Car? You Bet…Here Are 3…


Not long ago, owning a handcrafted sports car was a luxury only the few very rich could afford. Today things have become a little more flexible with vehicles being fashioned to suit a range of personal tastes and preferences. Accessories are more personalized and unique touches here and there are included when manufacturing the car. This does not mean that the process has become any cheaper, but a handcrafted sports car is much more available now and at a more reasonable price.
Below are examples of three such cars whose features have been found to have great benefits and are now available on the market.
1.       FERRARI FX
This is a model that was specifically hand made for the sultan of Brunei in the 1980’s. He had a collection of sports cars in his collection with the FX Ferrari being the most eye-catching. This car has a similar internal code to the  Enzo. The FX, with its unique body made of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber and its electro-hydraulic/sequential gearbox place it in a category of  its own. This car has received ratings that are outstanding.

2.       The Fisker Latino CS
Fiske manufacturer is frequently congratulated for its high level of construction uniqueness. This is due to the fact that customers are able to enjoy the characteristics of a special, super hand built car. The company producing this car was formed in response to the need to develop high-end super sport cars since demand was on the rise. The new shape of the car’s body enhances its performance.

3.       Rolls-Royce Coupe
This is an Indian sports car whose manufacturers are also designers of other famous models such as the Cayenne Coupe Porsche. The Rolls-Royce Coupe has manufacturing based on the Silver Spar, which is a second hand idea. Its manufacturing and development took about one and a half years to complete. Most of the features from the original make are still retained. This affords a personal touch blended with modern innovation in the interior and exterior thus ensuring that it is both classy and unique. The only notable changed feature is its color, which is now red.
With the motor industry, old is gold. Unlike other fields where past innovations are discarded, the vehicle world is a built up from old technology. Consider this when you choose your own unique speed machine.

Wendy Feliu