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Love Bugs Lexus Clear Bra Auto Supershield

Guess What… A Clear Bra is Not a Bullet Proof Vest

Love Bugs Lexus Clear Bra Auto SupershieldHere are some big misconceptions:

“I thought love bugs wouldn’t stick to my clear bra”
. Okay, it’s paint protection film. Hence the name: 3M Paint Protection Film (PPF). It’s not a magic piece of material that stuff won’t stick to.

“I thought it would last forever”.
The 3M warranty covers the film for five years. Nothing placed on the surface of a car (especially in the hot south Florida sun) lasts forever, except for maybe a good, deep scratch.

The simple fact is, a 3M Paint Protection package will protect the painted surface of any vehicle in which it is applied. Don’t expect it to last forever, prevent dents from happening or that it will never get scuffed from an impact. Don’t expect it not to stain when a bird poops on it. Don’t expect it to stay perfectly clear when bug acids cook on it for a week. However, when these things do happen, you can clean the film up a.s.a.p., spray it down and wax it up. It will keep the paint underneath it perfect until it’s removed in five years. If its garage kept more than it’s out in the elements it will outlive its warranty and life expectancy of five years. One last thing to remember is, if you wreck your car and you have a clear bra installed, your insurance company will replace it for you.

Paint Protection film does work, just remember it’s a clear plastic film for protection of your vehicles paint. It’s not a bullet proof vest.

Wendy Feliu