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Getting Started with Car Collecting


Exotic Car Collection

Exotic Car Collection

With car collecting, an important decision to make is what type and age you want your first car to be. You might want to start with your dream car, perhaps a car that you always wanted but could never afford, or you might want one that reminds you of an endeared event in your life, such as the make and model of the car you drove on your first date. Getting started with car collecting is a lot of fun!

Styles and Years

Consider the style, such as American or European and the year you prefer. From the Model Ts and As, to the muscle cars in the 1960s in America, and the Austin 7s, to the Volkswagen Beetle in the 1960’s in Europe, different periods in the history of the automobile give you an endless number of choices. Keep in mind that the older the car, the more difficult it is to find, and unless you are lucky enough to find one in mint condition, expect some refurbishing to be required. According to the Classic Car Club of America, most cars between the ages of 20 and 40 years are considered classic. Cars older than 45 years are considered antique. Car collecting as a hobby is something thousands of people do.

Values and Conditions

Become familiar with the value of collectible cars. Generally, the older they are and the rarer they are, the more they cost. However, rarity plays a very important part. A car in mint condition may not be worth as much as one rarer in poorer shape.

I’ll mention here that some new cars might be considered collectible, especially the more expensive ones. For example, the 2012 Aston Martin One-77 costs around $1,850,000. Even some of the new Ferraris and Lamborghinis will be collectibles in the future. Consider the resale value of these cars to determine how much they will be worth. If your hobby is car collecting, it’s important to know values and conditions.

Where to Buy

 It is preferable to buy from a source you are familiar with. However, there are online auctions, as well as reputable live auctions where you can go and bid on a vehicle. Most live auctions allow you to look at the vehicle and check the condition. Online auctions should show specifications and other conditions of the vehicle, along with a picture.


As a general rule, when starting out, you shouldn’t expect to make money collecting cars. It’s very difficult until you know what you are doing in the way of buying, refurbishing and selling particular cars. Collect cars starting out because you love the hobby, not because you want to turn a profit.

When you have purchased your first vehicle, protect it with our Auto SuperShield Ultimate paint protection film. This premium invisible film is professionally installed over the vehicle and protects it from scratches and road debris chipping the paint. If fact, after this film is installed, a quick splash with warm water or setting the car in the sun will heal any scratches.

Thinking of using car collecting as a hobby?  Join the thousands already enjoying it!

Wendy Feliu