From Sportscar to "Super" Sportscar: Why Wrapping your Car Will Turn Heads this Winter
bugatti veyron chrome wrap

From Sportscar to “Super” Sportscar: Why Wrapping your Car Will Turn Heads this Winter

bugatti veyron chrome wrap

So you have tricked out all those parts of your car that no one can see.  Now it’s time to super-charge your car’s appearance by transforming it from sportscar to “super” sportscar status.  Wrapping your car will turn heads this winter, and add significantly to maintaining the value of your car throughout the rest of the year.

Personalize it!

Marketing gurus have already caught on to the trend of car wrapping, and motorized advertising is all the rage in promoting signature brands.  Now you can promote your own signature brand when you personalize your ride with a Luxury Vehicle Wrap.  Showcase your personality with an entirely unique motorized experience, while propelling your car from sportscar to “super” sportscar.

From Carbon Fiber Wrap to unique finishes to dazzling color change wraps, the decision to car wrap will dramatically transform the look of your car beyond your wildest expectations.  And you know what? You didn’t keep any other part of the car stock, why would you consider keeping the paint job stock?  If you did decide to keep the paint job in pristine, factory condition, why wouldn’t you protect that investment with a protective layer of total coolness?  Prepare to stand out from the others.

Protect it!

Beyond the aesthetics, car wrapping your vehicle protects it from the day to day damage caused by driving on public roads.  From parking lots to rocks to children with sticks, Luxury Vehicle wrapping affords your original paint job that extra layer of protection it may need!  Should the worst occur, and you get into an accident, the cost of matching pre-existing paint to post- accident damage can become prohibitive and costly.  With vehicle wraps, your replacement film is custom made to the damaged section, and repairs result in a seamless mix between old and new.  As it stands, you’ve already been in an accident, you certainly don’t want to advertise it.

Protecting the exterior of the car means protecting the interior of your wallet.  Assure your resale value, in style; with either an application of 3M paint protection film, or Ultimate Paint Protection film.  Make the statement you want to make when you make the decision to Luxury Vehicle Wrap your pride and joy. Pull up to that next light and be prepared to be awarded the pole-position because everyone will want an opportunity to see your car’s amazing look.

Your sportscar has just moved out of the garage of your imagination, and on to the road of reality. So wrap your car and start turning heads this winter.

Wendy Feliu