Four New Auto Technology Trends That You Can’t Live Without!

Seems everyone always wants to know what the latest high end auto products are. New features and technologies that are increasingly common in new high-end vehicles can make the owners of even last year’s models drool. You don’t need factory integration to take advantage of most of this technology in your own ride. As an auto customization specialist in South Florida, our customers are always looking for the latest technology on the market while they are getting their paint protection film installation.  The following are some of the best new high end automotive products currently on the market.

 Navigation Systems

Porsche Panamera Navigation System

Porsche Panamera Navigation System

Navigation systems are certainly not new, but the amazing technology that runs them is. New entertainment and navigation consoles are available that can be built into your automobile and made to look, feel and work as if they were integrated into your car, truck or SUV at the factory. New and improved route planning algorithms account for construction and traffic conditions that are updated by the minute. TomTom’s new Speak & Go voice command system makes their new navigation equipment easier and safer to use. High resolution satellite imagery, weather forecasts and speed camera warnings are just a few more of the ever-improving features that are now built into the systems. Navigation systems have been among the hottest new auto accessories for a while now.

Fast Vehicle Chargers

ABB has just released the Terra 51, a new intelligent DC fast vehicle charging solution. While conventional AC vehicle chargers can take eight hours or more to load up an electric vehicle, the Terra 51 can accomplish the same task in only 15 to 30 minutes. This technology has the power to change the landscape of the automobile industry. Park and go technology, such as that introduced by the Terra 51, can increase the viability of commercial charging stations, making it easier to own and drive electric cars while boosting a sector of the service station industry that is almost nonexistent at the present time.

 Scratch Repair Sticks

When it comes to the chemistry of new automotive products, DuPont is consistently on the leading edge of the market. The new DuPont Pro-Fusion Color Scratch Repair Stick is an affordable alternative to the high cost of automotive body work. DuPont’s new technology delivers results that were previously available only through the commission of professional auto body work. Nicks, scratches and dings in the clear-coat of your vehicle can be made virtually nonexistent by this powerful new technology.

Intelligent Mirrors

OnStar’s new FMV is a rearview mirror that contains and provides all of OnStar’s connectivity services. This mirror is one of the most popular automotive technologies currently on the market, and it’s no surprise why. Something as relatively simple as a rearview mirror can now provide OnStar’s Turn-by-Turn Navigation, as well as the wide variety of safety and security features. Whether you’ve run out of gas or blown out a tire, your rearview mirror can now save the day – that is, of course, if you have OnStar’s new FMV.

These are just a small sample of the innumerable and invaluable aftermarket automotive products that are currently available. New and improved technology is being incorporated into both new and existing aftermarket products so frequently that it’s difficult to even keep up with all of the advances that this lucrative industry continues to produce – but it’s exciting to try.

What are the hottest new auto accessories? Let us know what you think!



Wendy Feliu