Florida’s Best Vehicle Paint Protection

May 2, 2022

Florida’s Best Vehicle Paint Protection

Protecting a vehicle’s exterior in a climate like Florida’s requires careful consideration. The region presents specific challenges to factory paintwork, with excessive UV rays, salt, and other environmental issues creating a daily attack on your ride’s gleaming façade.

The answer? A strategically chosen paint protection product.

There are different choices as to how to best protect paintwork. Ranging from simple car wax to the ultimate ceramic coating, it’s vital to know that not all are made equal. If you care about the longevity of your ride’s beautiful paintwork (and if you’re reading this, we assume you do), then deciding how to keep it pristine shouldn’t be a rash decision.

So let’s take a look at your options…

The Different Types of Florida Paint Protection

  • Level 1 Florida paint protection: car wax
  • Level 2 Florida paint protection: PPF
  • Level 3 Florida paint protection: ceramic coating

Level 1 Florida paint protection: car wax 

Car wax is a popular method of protecting a car’s paintwork. It’s also the one that takes the most work, as well as failing to have the incredible results of the other two on our list. It remains, however, one of the foremost methods of car care for many Floridians and across the US. 

Car wax should be applied to a scrupulously cleaned and dried vehicle. It will take a good few hours to correctly apply and a single application lasts for a few weeks. If you choose to protect your vehicle in this manner, be sure to use the best quality wax you can afford and repeat the process once a month for the best care.

Level 2 Florida paint protection: PPF 

PPF, or paint protection film, is a great way to protect your vehicle from UV rays, environmental damage, and other physical causes of scratches and dings. While PPF can’t prevent severe bangs from penetrating through to the paintwork, it does create an extremely effective barrier from the day-to-day assault of stone chips, twigs, and the ever-present attack from salt and the sun.

Various companies produce PPF. Some of the best include: 

  • Suntek
  • 3M Pro Series
  • Xpel

A word of advice. There are many DIY paint protection film kits to purchase. While this might seem to be a value-for-money option, you should be aware that correctly applying PPF is a skilled task. Only those who’ve been trained and regularly use their talents can guarantee a good application. Poorly applied PPF is worse than none at all—it’s not just a waste of money, it can cause untold damage to the very paintwork you’re trying to protect. 

Level 3 Florida paint protection: ceramic coating 

Ceramic coating offers the pinnacle of paintwork protection, In a climate such as Florida’s, it provides unsurpassed results. It easily repels UV rays, preventing any fading of your ride’s color. Salt bounces from the surface and rock or stone chips will struggle to penetrate this virtually impervious barrier.

You also get the added benefit of a sheen to the paintwork, the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

Once again, a ceramic coating should only be applied by a trusted professional. Such a service won’t only have the desired results, it’s also an effective upgrade that can increase vehicle value. 

Get the Ultimate Florida Paint Protection from Auto SuperShield 

Auto SuperShield is a leading provider and installer of paint protection products that are specifically designed to combat the region’s harsh climate. We cater to all needs and budgets and, very importantly, have qualified and experienced technicians who know their trade inside out.

Be warned—the inexpert application of PPF or ceramic coatings (or the wrong product used) can cause irreversible damage to a vehicle’s factory paintwork. At Auto SuperShield we pride ourselves not only in our expertise but our pretty awesome customer service as well. 

Our passion for gorgeous vehicles is obvious from the moment you make first contact. Head to https://www.autosupershield.com to find out more and get in contact for a no-obligation quote.


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