Five Reasons to Install HID Lights on your Luxury or Exotic Vehicle

June 20, 2020

Owning a luxury or exotic vehicle means owning a moving status symbol. Your status symbol may be a powerful and unusual high end sports car or a fine ultra-plush one-of-a-kind auto with power and every possible comfort. Whatever your upscale automobile, you clearly enjoy the best in life. You probably also want the best parts and maintenance on your car. High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps are a favorite top-of-the-line upgrade for the following five reasons.WHAT ARE HID HEADLAMPS?HID lights emit xenon gas that consumes electricity jumping between two electrodes. The bulbs are electrified by the transformer to produce a light much brighter than traditional or existing halogen bulbs in most vehicles. Besides an aesthetically pleasing appearance, HID headlights offer several advantages to traditional auto lights and are easier than ever to install with a good conversion kit.STAND OUT AGGRESSIVE LOOKS As the owner of an exotic or luxury vehicle, you're used to standing out in a crowd. But what if you're attending an upscale function or an exotic car rally and everyone in attendance is driving something special? The brighter than average eye catching lights combined with the sound of a powerful automobile will get plenty of attention.

HID Lights

COLOR VARIATIONSHID headlamps can be unusual and aggressive or sophisticated in looks. You can easily customize the look based on the color temperature. OEM HID Headlamps offer color many temperatures with the most popular ranging from 4300K to 5400K. K is for Kelvin and basically refers to the color of the light. A 4300K will look white with a light yellow tint. A pure white diamond aggressive look is about 5000K and the striking blue tint starts to appear at about 5400K. The various colors offered can be chosen based on the appearance of the automobile overall, including paint job and grill work.LONGER LASTING and LOWER POWER CONSUMPTIONHID lights have a lifespan approximately three times longer than conventional auto headlights. As the owner of a high end vehicle, the less time you spend replacing worn out parts, the more time you'll have to enjoy driving. The lights have a smaller bulb and run using less power than traditional halogens.SAFETY Luxury cars often showcase safety features that don't appear on the average automobile. HID lights, already in use on many high end models, are far safer than regular headlights with brighter, sharper and more uniform light produced. Regular halogen lights tend to dissipate into a foggy appearance toward the end of the beam. Comparing HID lights aimed at a solid wall to regular lights, the HID lights will produce a sharp defined pattern of light instead of a gradual decrease in intensity. This allows for clearer head-on and peripheral vision. Tests show peripheral vision is increased by up to 70% for drivers using HID lights. Because ultraviolet light is also part of the beam, the reflective words and symbols on highway signs are brighter and much more defined for the driver. Obviously, the brighter, clearer vision and easier to read road signs allow an extra level of safety for the driver using HID headlights.EASY CONVERSIONHID conversion kits are the most advanced headlight upgrade on the market today. Since luxury European makes often experience dashboard warning lights due to computer controlled headlamps (CANBUS error) when installing aftermarket HIDs, it is highly recommended to simply install a pair of capacitors with the HID kit or upgrading to a ballast with built in cancellers (capacitors) to eliminate the issue. Removing your boring halogens and installing HID's is an easy 45 minute process and can be done at home in your garage. When you're finished, you'll have combined bold stylish looks with safety and power. Not only will you see more clearly using HID's, you will command attention as you drive by.Elaine Ngo is the VP of Marketing for HIDextra, a leading ecommerce site helping customers with the most reliable HID kits on the market and in addition to providing fantastic customer service. She has more than 5 years’ experience in marketing and customer service, and always takes a creative approach which shows through her innovative ideas. Graduating from University of California Riverside in 2009, Elaine loves the sun in southern California and taking her golden retriever to the beach.


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