Five Cars that are Economical And Luxurious

June 20, 2020

Five Cars that are Economical And LuxuriousBack in the bad old days, luxury and fuel efficiency were mutually exclusive concepts. The very idea of an economical car that could be luxurious, or vice versa, appeared to be so diametrically opposed as to seem absolutely ludicrous to even mention in the same sentence. Times have changed, however, and now the discriminating driver demands luxury and economy in one package. Here is a list of five cars that bring the driver the best of both worlds, incorporating fuel efficiency, safety, and luxury into a single unit any driver will be able to appreciate.

2013 Hyundai i45

1) Hyundai i45Hyundai has long been known for pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations, but in the i45 (or, as it's known elsewhere, the Sonata) Hyundai has set a new standard in the marriage of automotive luxury and efficiency. With its ECO governing system, the Hyundai I45 sips petrol. However, the active safety systems including reverse sensing warning system, anti-skid braking system (ABS), and Hillside Assist Control, coupled with the posh and nicely appointed interior, make the Hyundai i45 an excellent blend of efficiency and elegance. Even better, the responsive steering and acceleration make this sporty sedan as fun to drive as it is to look at!


2) Lexus GS 450hLexus is another automotive manufacturer that seems to delight in seeing how easily they can blur the lines between form and function. The Lexus GS 450h petrol-powered hybrid sedan is reported to be nimble and environmentally friendly without sacrificing any of the 340 horsepower under the bonnet. Getting 9km/L on surface streets and 10km/L on the highway, it's one of the better hybrids available. Add to that the elegant real-wood interior, the premium sound system, and the powered moon roof among its many standard and optional features, and Lexus has engineered a sedan that's both fun and easy on the pocketbook.

2013 BMW 335d

3) BMW 335dOf course, one can't speak of luxury vehicles without discussing Bavarian Motorwerks. BMW has long prided itself on being an innovator in the automotive field, and with the 335d hybrid, it once again proves that it's worthy of standing at the top of the heap. The powerful 3.0L turbodiesel engine offers fuel economy of 10km/L in the city and up to 15km/L on the highway. Its sleek appearance and sexy interior make the BMW 335d a green car with the soul of a racer.

2013 Audi A3 TDI

4) Audi A3 TDIAudi has never been the "go-to" manufacturer for most discriminating luxury car buyers, but with the A3 TDI, Audi seems bent on changing that. Not only did Audi take into account the upscale leanings of the hybrid market when they created the rakish exterior and the luxe interior, but they gave the A3 TDI an impressive 18km/L clean diesel engine. The tight steering and responsive handling make the A3 a fun drive with optional accouterments certain to please even the most particular drivers and passengers, and Audi does it all without compromising fuel economy.

2013 Mercedes Benz ML 450 Hybrid

5) Mercedes ML450 SUV HybridWhile some may grimace at the very idea of a Mercedes hybrid, particularly in an SUV format, this eco-friendly entry from Mercedes tips the scale with 9km/L mileage in town and 10km/L efficiency on the highway, making it one of Mercedes' greenest creations ever. The electrically assisted V6 engine develops similar power to a V8 while keeping the fuel economy high. Because it's a Mercedes, you needn't worry about whether the vehicle will perform, and the same luxury in styling and interior appointments that has become Mercedes' hallmark is alive and well with this sporty hybrid!


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