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Ferrari 458 Owners Saving $14,000 Choosing Auto SuperShield’s “Option”!

Auto SuperShield’s project of the week is a 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia.

This 458 Italia has arrived to our Boca Raton facility flat bedded to us from Ferrari – Maserati of Fort Lauderdale dealership. Our project is to put a complete full coverage paint protection package (a.k.a. “clear bra”) on the car. Auto SuperShield will cover the hood, front fenders and front bumper completely with paint protection film. We design all of our paint protection kits with absolutely no seams anywhere, so the film is virtually invisible.

Also, on the menu is installing 3M 20% Color Stable Carbon Black Window Tintto the sides and rear window.

The roof will be seamlessly wrapped with a satin black vinyl wrap material. The rear hatch will also be wrapped in black satin. We remove the Ferrari badge before starting the installation, so we can wrap the hatch and then re-install the badge for a true factory painted look. The roof all the way to the back hatch will be satin black and the windows will be blacked out as well. This will be an awesome contrast against the white paint on the body, dark interior and nice diamond wheels.

The satin film gives the car a nice look because the film is not truly matte or glossy. There is nothing else that will provide this unique satin look. However, we do have a red Ferrari 458 being delivered next week and our customer has opted for a glossy black wrap on the roof and rear hatch, so its personal preference. Auto SuperShield offers all three films – satin, matte and glossy! The option is yours.

Auto SuperShield has seen the demand for these Ferrari 458 wraps sky rocket since the car came out in 2010. We attribute most of the demand to the price difference between having the roof and hatch wrapped in film at our facility or purchasing the option of a black roof from Ferrari.

If you were to choose a black roof option when ordering your 458, you would pay $15,000.00 or you can save yourself a load of cash by skipping the option and driving or flat bedding your car to Auto SuperShield. We will give you the same look and only charge you $850.00! You’ll have some extra money to buy your wife a nice piece of jewelry which she will expect after buying yourself a $250,000 Ferrari.

Our wraps look so much like paint due to the high technical skill of our installers, that we’ve fooled paint and body shop experts. They have commented on the “great paint job”.

Tune in later for the completed project…..

Here is the beautiful white 458 Italia with the roof and rear hatch now wrapped in a satin black film!

Well, the flat bed is here to pick up the Ferrari and deliver it to its proud new owner. Not only does the owner have a unique look to his/her new 458, but they still have some extra cash in their pockets….and who doesn’t like saving a little molah these days?

Thanks for visiting with Auto SuperShield and as always –

Happy Motoring and Keep it Off the Guard Rails!

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Wendy Feliu