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Don’t Paint your Car Yourself (#2)

paint car

You want your precious car to always look shiny and bright. But everyday wear and tear has caused it to become less attractive. You asked your wife for an opinion. All she said was there are far more important things to do than paint your car.

You need to upgrade the looks of your car by giving it a fresh new coat of paint. I have a tip. Please don’t paint your car yourself.

The DIY kits around suggest that painting your car is easy and convenient. The offer is tempting, based on the amount of money you can save. However, you have seen many cars with bad painting jobs. Risking the looks of your precious car to save some cash is a no-no.

Don’t paint your car yourself unless you have the proper equipment in your house. A good painting job requires a paint booth, an airless spray gear, and an effective ventilation system. These are the components you may need to enhance the looks of your car.

The labor factor comes next. In order for you to make a long lasting paint job, you need to meticulously sand your car before painting and between coats. This task is very exhausting, so don’t paint your car yourself.

You have to spend a lot of time sanding every nook and cranny of your car. It has to be done not only once, but every time you give it a new coating. Not only that, your sanding job has to be even throughout the surface of your car so that when you place a coat of paint, the result is a smooth finish. Uneven sanding lends rough and disastrous effect, so don’t paint your car yourself.

You should take it to a professional car painter. The old paint of your car has to be removed to create a longer lasting paint job. If you haven’t noticed, DIY kits have hidden costs. You need spray cans, primers, drop cloths, rubbing compound, clear coats, and others. In the end you realize that you have spent this much already and the job is not finished yet.

The last factor is the curing time. During warm days, quick dry paints retain their softness for days and for cooler days, one or more weeks. You cannot wax your car to a beautiful shine if you do not allow it to cure completely.

The best thing to do is to leave the painting job to Auto Super Shield. We can give the car painting job your car deserves.

Wendy Feliu