Does paint protection coating damage paint?

October 1, 2021

Does paint protection coating damage paint?

Paint protection coating is a much-talked-about product that’s rapidly gaining in popularity. But it only takes a quick Google search to be besieged by multiple horror stories of proud car owners bemoaning the damage that’s been sustained to the paintwork beneath when they come to remove the product.

But is this the whole truth? Are these tales of woe something you should be worried about? Or is paint protection coating the godsend that the manufacturers make it appear to be? 

This article unveils the truth about paint protection and the real reasons that some people experience paint damage, while others are over the moon with the application.

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Paint Protection Damage: The truth behind the stories 

  • What is paint protection coating?
  • Paint protection damage: all you need to know

What is paint protection coating?

Paint protection coating is, as the name suggests, an additional coating on top of factory paintwork that protects it from many environmental factors. These include:

  • Paint fade and cracking from UV rays
  • Scrapes and scuffs from debris
  • Salt damage
  • Stone chips
  • Bird droppings and tree sap

There are different types of coating, including what many people refer to as a ‘clear bra’. This is an ultra-thin, ultra-strong, totally transparent vinyl wrap that’s applied to the paintwork and adheres to it like a second skin. Such a coating will, if of sufficient quality and applied correctly, last for several years.

Many types of clear bra coatings have what’s known as ‘self-healing properties’. This means that should they sustain any damage to their integrity, such as might be inflicted by a large rock strike, then all it takes is a little heat and it will meld seamlessly back into its original smooth form.  

Another type of paint protection is ceramic coating. This involves a clear lacquer-type coating being applied to the paint that bonds to the paintwork. Once dry, it provides a rock-hard layer that is impervious to virtually everything. Again, this lasts for many years. 

Either type can also be used in addition to a vinyl wrap.

Paint protection damage: all you need to know

You may have noted that we mentioned above that paint protection needs to be of sufficient quality and—most importantly—applied correctly.

A failure to ensure both elements is where the risk of paint protection damage begins to become a reality. In addition, when the time comes to remove any paint protection product, unless this is carried out in a correct and timely manner, then there is a high chance of damage occurring to the very paint that it’s meant to protect.

Removing Paint Protection Risk 

  • It’s all in the application

It’s all in the application 

Vitally, as well as utilizing the highest quality paint protection product, the application process is key to a successful installation. Before either a paint protection film or ceramic coating is added to a car, the whole surface must be properly cleaned and repaired. A failure to carry this out means that any remaining dirt—even invisible microscopic spores—will become sealed to the paintwork.

The only way to ensure that the surface of a vehicle has been prepared correctly is to do it in an environment that’s as sterile as possible. This generally involves a location where paint protection coatings are applied professionally. This is the only way to ensure that the cleaning process, prep, and application are carried out correctly. 

Similarly, when the time comes to remove a coating, care must be taken to correctly loosen it from the paintwork. If this isn’t done, the bond is likely to be so tough that the top layer of paint can peel away with the coating.

Don’t Risk Anything But a Professional Service. Contact Auto SuperShield Today

As explained, the only reason you’ll ever experience paint damage from a protective coating is if it isn’t applied correctly in the first place or if it’s removed incorrectly. While there are many DIY products on the market, using these just isn’t worth the risk to your car’s precious glossy exterior.

At Auto SuperShield, your car’s good looks are what we’re passionate about. With countless years of experience in the application of PPF and ceramic coating, you can be sure of a service that’ll show your car off to its utmost—plus do exactly what the product is meant to do in the first place: protect the delicate color beneath. 

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