Does Car Insurance Cover Ceramic Coating Costs?

March 29, 2024

When it comes to claiming on your car insurance for the cost of ceramic coating following an accident, the short answer is: 

Yes—a reputable company will cover this.

However, as with everything surrounding what insurance does and doesn’t cover, there are a whole bunch of grey areas…

Ceramic Coating, Car Insurance, and Other Relevant FAQs

  • FAQs about damage to ceramic coating following an accident
  • Do I need to tell my insurance company about having ceramic coating fitted?
  • Why pay out for ceramic coating in the first place?

FAQs about damage to ceramic coating following an accident

As we’ve already determined, yes, ceramic aftermarket ceramic coating will generally be covered by your insurance following an accident.

  • When wouldn’t insurance cover ceramic coating? One of the main reasons would be if you don’t have full insurance coverage. In such a scenario, you’d need to speak to the company and/or read the fine print of your policy.
  • How do I provide proof that my vehicle had ceramic coating? If it was installed by a reputable service, then you should have a receipt detailing the date and cost. If you’ve lost it, get in contact with the installer and ask them for a replacement. All businesses are required to keep customer details for a minimum of six years, so they should have it on record.
  • If my insurance doesn’t provide cover, can I claim from the installer? Not really. Once the ceramic coating is installed then the role of the service provider is over. Damage from an accident is out of their control and, therefore, it would be unfair to expect them to cover it.

Do I need to tell my insurance company about having ceramic coating fitted?

In an ideal world, the answer to this would be simple. However, all insurance companies are different. Many have clauses written into the contract about modifications—although it would be very harsh for a ceramic coating to fall under this umbrella. 

A reputable insurance company will consider ceramic coating and/or paint protection film (PPF) a valuable addition to the vehicle. However, there have been cases of insurance companies trying to get out of paying for this following damage on a technicality. Again, this shouldn’t be the case with better policies. If you’re worried about whether it will be covered or if the company should be informed of an installation, then be sure to get in contact and ask the question to them directly.

Why pay out for ceramic coating in the first place?

There are so many reasons to install ceramic coating. These include:

  • It protects the paintwork below.
  • It prevents color fade from UV rays.
  • It prevents paint damage from chemical damage, such as bird droppings, tree sap, and acid rain.
  • It’s hydrophobic, so it can dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend washing the vehicle and keeping it clean.
  • You’ll never need to wax again!
  • The shine is incredible…

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