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Meguiar's Car Wax Seminar

Do You Have Passion? Rekindling the passion for our trade…

Passion for your craft!

Hi Folks,

I come to you today to share an unexpected pleasant experience that took place recently at our shop. Towards the end of August our bosses, Pepi and Wendy, scheduled a 3M Paint Protection Film and Meguiar’s detailing training seminar. At first, my reaction was one of skepticism, but much to my surprise it ended as one of optimism & a reigniting of our passion for the trade.

To start our day, Wendell Domon, our 3M representative arrived and ironed out the kinks with our 3M software’s technical difficulties. This lessened the fear of computers that I have and helped me with the new 3M Digital Designs software program. A wonderful service 3M has offered to their certified dealers. With some of the glitches in my head put at ease, about cutting patterns out, I am able to move one step further in my trade. This is quite positive and deserves a big “Thank you” to Wendell and 3M for offering great customer support!

Then to follow Wendell’s lead, a Meguiar’s sales manager showed up for what I thought was going to be the usual “run of the Mill” sales pitch and this was definitely not the case. We had the honor and privilege of meeting David Pedre, a true car crazy, detail-oriented, passion filled, regular kind of guy. Not some blank faced corporate robot reading us some memorized pitch sheet. This guy knew his stuff through experience not a computer or smart phone and it showed. David has been in the car wash and wax trenches and doesn’t mind going back there with us. He rolled up his sleeves, getting his hands dirty and taking extra time out for us making sure we got hands on experience. What a much needed breath of fresh air!

Meguiar's Car Wax SeminarDavid showed up prepared with a seminar that catered to exactly what we needed to generate and pique our interest while increasing income. We (the shop rats) found out that he had preliminary conversations with Wendy and Pepi and actually listened (a lost art) to their interest in the detailing business as it would align with Auto SuperShield‘s high end clientele. David’s focus was precise and to the point, maximizing our experience. After giving us all the product information and their proper use. David emphasized and focused on technique and procedures, which all detailers know or at least should know, but often by pass them in order to quickly finish a car and get it out the door. The Meguiar’s product line teamed with the 3M name and support is hands down at the top of their class. These techniques and procedures backed by awesome products allows us to stick to the basics without cutting corners, saving time and in the end gives us the energy to put “The Passion” back into our craft. This passion is what has made Auto SuperShield a leader in the field of car care and customization. We give our customers exactly what the want which is a superior job and treat each car as if it were our own.

All in all this training day helped to rekindle a fire inside during the middle of our hot, wet south Florida summer. Keep the passion alive and thank you for your time visiting our blog!

Keep On Riding!


Wendy Feliu