Corvette Z06 has a very Rough Ride from Jersey to South Florida | Car Chat with Auto SuperShield

Corvette Z06 has a very Rough Ride from Jersey to South Florida

Paint Protection Film Saves Paint on a Corvette Z06 Auto SuperShield

Car owner, Morgan, was anxiously awaiting the arrival of his Corvette Z06 being transported from Jersey to south Florida. When the car arrived Morgan discovered that there were scratches all over the front fender and the hood. Trying to hide the scratches, the transport company tried to buff the scratches out, however, they did not realize that the Z06 had full coverage paint protection film on the hood, fenders and front bumper, so they only created more scratches in the film. Admitting to their mistake they offered to pay for the car to be repaired. Morgan called the original installer located in New Jersey, Laszlo Keszthelyi from Monster Coatings for help. Laszlo referred Morgan to Auto SuperShield for the place to go in Florida for paint protection film.

Pepi at Auto SuperShield pulled the damaged paint protection film off the fender and hood, cleaned and polished the paint and there was not a scratch on the paint. Paint Protection Film saved the day!
Another happy customer drives away with a perfect painted finish protected on his Z06.

Happy Motoring!

Pepi Feliu, 3m Paint Protection

Corvette Z06

Auto SuperShield Paint Protection Saves Z06

Wendy Feliu