Color combinations for your car

June 20, 2020

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Color combinations for your car

Color combinations for your car[/caption]Are you considering color combinations for your 2014 vehicle purchase? When it comes to their cars, people continue to stick with neutrals, particularly black and white, year after year. There are several prominent factors that have an influence on color popularity, most notably electronics and home decor. In the early to mid-2000s, silver became quite popular for cars, computers, and home entertainment systems because it was the dominant cell phone color. There is no denying that from the mid-2000s until present day, Apple has redefined the status of the color white. With widespread use of beige and brown in home decor, it is not surprising that earth tones have risen in the ranks for popular color combinations for your car, too.WhiteWhite accounts for nearly a quarter of both the North American and global vehicle markets. Again, this is largely thanks to Apple who has given white the connotation of quality and luxury. Many electric auto manufacturers offer white models. For example, the Tesla Model S, a plug-in luxury sedan, is offered in both regular and “Pearl White,” which has a slightly higher price because it requires multiple coats to produce such a rich finish. Learn More >BlackBlack makes up approximately one fifth of both the North American and global vehicle markets. Much like white, it is also associated with quality and luxury and is available in multiple finishes. Many luxury car owners are more than happy to pay an extra $1000 for a unique paint finish, knowing full well that there will only be a small handful of them on the road. For example, the Cadillac XTS has a wide range of sleek finishes available, including the Black Diamond Tricoat. Learn More >SilverWhile silver is not quite as popular in 2014 as it was in the early- to mid-2000s, it still remains in the top five car color choices with 16 percent of the North American market and 18 percent of the global market. One notable 2014 model available in silver is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sport Sedan, which, among other colors, comes in Iridium Silver Metallic and Diamond Silver Metallic. Learn More >Ford has also made a flashy Ingot Silver available for a number of their 2014 models including the Focus, Titanium, and Electric. Do you like silver but want something a little more subtle? Gray is also widely available. Learn More >RedRed makes up 10 percent of the North American market and 8 percent of the global market. Throughout North American automobile history, red has been an integral color. Lotus released a 2013 Sports Racer edition of the Evora that sets itself apart from similar models with color palette and options, including Ardent Red. Learn More >

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