Color Change Wrap – Don't like the Color of your Paint? Wrap it up in a New Color!

June 20, 2020

Part of buying any high-end car involves choosing from a list of factory options. You might be satisfied with the color you picked today, but later on, your tastes and desires might change. You might want to liven up your car with a brighter, flashier color or you might be in the mood for something a bit more low-key. You might even want to change the color to one that wasn’t offered as a factory option. No matter what your tastes are, the professionals at Auto Super Shield can help make your desires a reality with an expert color change wrap.

[youtube][/youtube]If you don t like the color of your paint, a color change wrap lets you change it quickly and easily without having your car undergo an expensive re-spray. Our color change wrap options give you a variety of colors and textures that provide a one-of-a-kind look for your car. Auto Super Shield uses top-of-the-line 3M Scotchprint film to ensure high-quality results that last. Not only can you select from a variety of glossy colors, you can also choose from carbon fiber, matte and brushed metal finishes for a genuinely unique look that is sure to impress just about anyone.[caption id="attachment_1388" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Ferrari 599 Color Change Wrap - Before Photo"]

Ferrari 599 Color Change Wrap with 3M Scotchprint

[/caption]Not only does the color change wrap completely transform the outward appearance of your car, it also protects the paint underneath from scratches, discoloring and other imperfections. In fact, with professional installation, absolutely no one can tell that your car is actually a different color underneath. Whenever you want to revert to your original car color, it is as simple as removing and discarding the color change wrap.The color change wrap process is an intensive one that ensures every inch of the cards original paint is covered with the new color wrap. Unlike other wrap companies, we go as far as removing the badges and headlights to wrap around and beneath them. We even wrap the door jams and practically every painted surface that can be seen on the vehicle at some point. Auto Super Shield goes the distance to ensure a thorough, professional job that yields the highest quality results.The end result is an impressive product that gives your vehicle an entirely different look. As an added bonus, a color change wrap is less expensive and time-consuming than a complete paint re-spray. This gives you more money to put towards other desired modifications.[caption id="attachment_1389" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Ferrari 599 Color Change Wrap - After Photo"]

Ferrari 599 Color Change Wrap - Completed Installation Photo

[/caption]Our color change wrap process allows you to wrap your car with new color. Not only does this product protect the original paint, but also gives your car a stunning, brand-new look. If you're looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, give your car a well-deserved makeover with a color change wrap from Auto Super Shield!


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