Choosing What Works in Chrome Car Wrap Colors

June 20, 2020

Chrome vehicle wraps are popular but choosing a color is personal. Resale value is a factor but truly a person has to feel comfortable riding around.There are a couple of main reasons people choose to change the color of their vehicles:

  • The cool: This is probably the reason behind the huge success of matte black vinyl and satin vehicle car wraps. Both matte black and satin wraps have always been huge successes but there’s been a gradual shift to the chrome vehicle wraps. Whether you want a black, blue, or gold chrome car wrap – or any other crazier color – one thing you want is for it to look good and last.
  • The refresh: The second biggest reason to redo a vehicle color is to revive a car’s previous glory. This is often the option selected by people who own luxury cars and classics. This gets you and others excited about your vehicle again. It’s also quite useful for maintaining resale value.

Other than personal preferences, these factors go into picking new colors or styles for your car.To select the best chrome wrap colors begin by considering:Color ChoicesImproved production processes today means people have a greater range of colors from which to choose from and now even various textures, as well. The range of choices can be daunting. The wrong selection can have a negative effect – a pink Bentley Continental GT does not catch the fancy of many unless you’re Nicki Minaj. Of course, the wrap can be removed to restore the vehicle’s original paint job.

  • The type of vehicle. Generally speaking, large sedans such as Bentley, Maybach and Mercedes often look better with classic colors such as Black, Silver, and White. Experts in the automobile industry have found that sticking with these conventions when coloring is ideal. However, there are 1,000s of examples of these types of cars in a light spectrum of colors. Certainly you can ask chrome wrap experts what they would recommend, as well.
  • Age: For younger vehicle owners the more detailed designs with extreme colors are often the way to go. If this is what gets you jonesing for your next car or car modification then go for it – enjoy your vehicle to the maximum. A quality customization shop will take you through the options, textures, and colors and clever little details that can really make the car, Custom with a capital C.
  • Local climate: Depending on where you live, some colors will work better. For instance, lighter colors for chrome vehicle wraps reflect light very well and help keep the interior much cooler. This is suitable for limos and similar vehicles that may end up spending hours in a parking lot under the sun. Winds, rain, dust storms are other factors to consider when thinking about a chrome car wrap; can it weather these extreme conditions? The answer is usually, yes, but there might be more touch-up maintenance along the way. When you’re searching for a shop to do the work, ask these questions, too, and see what they say.

Celebrities Who Caught the BugChange is often difficult to embrace and it does help to know that even celebrities have taken to chrome car wrap colors and texture – your fears of standing out of the crowd are a figment of your imagination.

  • Justin Bieber owns a silver Fisker Karma (a gift from his manager)
  • Renowned rapper Flo-rida owns a chrome wrapped Bugatti Veyron
  • Tyga is also a chrome wrap enthusiast sporting a gold wrapped Audi A8.

Matte finish wraps are also widely accepted with celebrities such as Travis Barker, Blink 182’s drummer sporting an army green Cadillac Escalade, or the Game’s leather-look $200,000 Ferrari. Needless to say, both are a unique choice for a car wrap.Installation PointersWhile you may be eager to get the color of your vehicle changed, be sure to avoid these pitfalls:

  • Do not have the installation done by shops or technicians that are not certified. This is especially a concern for solid colors where a bubble, crease or similar flaw will be much more visible than would be the case on a vehicle with insignias or other graphics.

How your car looks and what color it will be is definitely a personal decision and inspiration can come from almost any source. Talk to those who install chrome car wraps, or those who drive cars that have been upgraded this way.Auto SuperShield


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