Ceramic Coating vs. Waxing

April 24, 2023

Ceramic Coating vs. Waxing

Most people are familiar with the benefits of waxing. Not only does it protect the vehicle’s paintwork to an extent, but it also brings a nice shine.

However, there’s a (relatively) new kid on the block when it comes to showcasing your ride’s facade—and that’s ceramic coating.

But what’s all the fuss about? Is it really any better than waxing, both in the short and long term?

The following compares the two and answers all your questions about ceramic coating vs. waxing.

Everything You Need to Know about Ceramic Coating vs. Waxing

  • Comparing the two
  • When waxing simply doesn’t cut it
  • Should you ditch the wax?

Comparing the two

The easiest way to compare the two processes is to look at the individual pros and cons in isolation:

  • Waxing is cheap (a few dollars every 6 weeks or so) vs. the significant outlay of a ceramic coating installation (from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars), depending on the quality and whether or not you combine it with paint protection film (PPF).
  • Waxing only provides minimal paintwork protection vs. the excellent protective properties of ceramic coating.
  • Waxing doesn’t create a barrier against physical damage, such as stone chips vs. the rock hard protection provided by ceramic coating.
  • Waxing provides a small amount of protection against UV paint fade vs. the virtually 100% that you get from ceramic coating.
  • Waxing needs to be repeated every 6 weeks or so vs. the single installation required for ceramic coating (this then lasts for many years).
  • Anyone can wax a car—no particular skills are required vs. the highly-advised professional installation that’s necessary if you want a top quality ceramic coating.
  • Waxing makes the car a bit shiny for a short amount of time vs. the incredible sheen that ceramic coating brings. This is because the nano ceramic particles within the coating catch the light and transmit it back to our field of vision.
  • Waxing has minor hydrophobic properties vs. the incredible ones of ceramic coating. Once installed, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to keep your car clean…

When waxing simply doesn’t cut it

Waxing isn’t right for you if:

  • You’d rather be driving your ride than spending a day every 6 weeks cleaning and reapplying.
  • You want robust paintwork protection from minor physical damage, chemical attack, and UV paint fade.
  • You want your car to gleam like an angel…
  • You want to cut down on car washing and cleaning duties.
  • You want to protect the paintwork in order to maintain the car’s value.

Should you ditch the wax?

Waxing is still the right call for many people. The decision to have ceramic coating installed is a big one and something that many people will decide isn’t right for their vehicle.

However, for those with prestige cars and those of high value, then selecting a ceramic coating over wax is an easy decision. The same might apply if you’re about to fork out on a car wrap, as the two can be installed together.

The choice is down to the individual. However, if you’re on the fence about which way to go, then speaking to the experts is definitely the right way forward.

Still Not Sure? Contact Auto SuperShield for all Your Ceramic Coating vs. Waxing Questions

We know a thing or two about vehicle paint protection at Auto SuperShield. It’s our whole reason for being in business and we’re proud to be true experts.

In some cases, waxing is the right choice for the vehicle. You can rest assured that if that’s the case, then this is the advice we’ll give. But for those who want to reap all the benefits that a ceramic coating brings, then we can talk about the best way forward and advise on every aspect of the process.

Discover more at https://www.autosupershield.com/ceramic-coating and call today for a friendly, no-obligation chat.


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