Ceramic Coating for your New Tesla

December 24, 2022

Tesla’s are truly the car of the moment—and with good reason. Awesome performance, planet-friendly, and drop-dead gorgeous to feast your eyes upon… There’s so much to love!  

So… What’s the best way to keep that paintwork factory perfect? With a state-of-the-art ceramic coating, that’s how.

Read on to discover why you don’t just want ceramic coating for your new Tesla, but the reasons that every owner should pretty much consider it a necessity…

The What, Why, and How of Ceramic Coating

  • What is ceramic coating for your new Tesla?
  • Why install ceramic coating on your new Tesla?
  • How to get ceramic coating for your new Tesla

What is ceramic coating for your new Tesla?

Ceramic coating is an advanced paint protection product that’s applied wet and dries to a super-hard, incredibly shiny finish. A professional installation includes a full paint correction service prior to application. This is necessary on every car—no matter how new it might be. This is because the product bonds tightly to the paint below, including seeping into even the smallest of whirls and scratches.

Because it’s designed to enhance the color and sheen of the paint, it will also make any paint anomalies also become more obvious, hence the need for impeccable prep.

Once applied and given time to cure, ceramic coating uses advanced nanotechnology to provide the following:

  • Enhanced paint protection against UV rays, chemical attacks (bird droppings, salt, acid rain, etc.), and physical damage (stone chips, scratches, etc.)
  • Hydrophobic properties, meaning that any moisture beads and rolls away. In doing so, it also collects any surface dirt, helping to keep the vehicle clean
  • A shine like no other. Honestly, it has to be seen to be believed 

Why install ceramic coating for your new Tesla?

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there’s one standout reason why you should treat your Tesla to the best ceramic coating. It’s because…

It will keep the factory paintwork in pristine condition, ensuring your ride retains its wonderful good looks, and—very importantly—helping it retain its value.

If there’s one tiny criticism about the genius vehicle that is a Tesla, it would have to be the rather sub-par quality of the factory paint protection. You only need to Google “Tesla paint quality” to see how many owners bemoan the poor standard. Adding a top-quality ceramic coating is the answer—and you’ll gain all the above benefits as well.

How to get ceramic coating for your new Tesla?

Don’t be tempted to go for a DIY product. These aren’t only a poor imitation of a professional product, but it’s really easy to muck it up. Unless you have the time, patience, and skill to carry out the aforementioned paint correction—and the semi-sterile location in which to do this and apply the product—plus the painstaking attention to detail for both the prep and application, then don’t even think about it.

Instead, do your research and find a local provider who can do it for you. We promise you, it really is worth every single dollar…

Ready to take the Plunge? Call Auto SuperShield Today for the Ultimate Ceramic Coating Installation

When you’ve dedicated many hours of research to finding the best Tesla for your needs, not to mention your hard-earned dollars, then you’re surely going to demand the best ceramic coating. At Auto SuperShield, paint protection products are all that we do—and, we have to say, we’re pretty damn good at them.

Don’t risk your precious Tesla paintwork to anyone but the experts. We guarantee that we’ll look after your pride and joy as if it were our own. We’re only happy when our valued customers are thrilled with the results.

Find out more about our ceramic coatings at https://www.autosupershield.com/contact and call us today to book your installation.


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