Ceramic Coating Exhaust

October 31, 2022

Many people are aware that you can install a ceramic coating on a vehicle’s paintwork for protective and aesthetic reasons. But what about the exhaust? After all, if you’ve got a chrome beauty then you’ll naturally want to ensure it remains looking great—and the position of an exhaust means that it’s subject to the very worst of road debris.

In short, the answer to the question is yes, ceramic coating can be put on an exhaust. However, it’s not the same kind as used on paintwork. Read on to discover the intricacies of ceramic coating for exhausts and turbo parts.

Ceramic Coating: exhaust-specific info

  • High-temperature ceramic coating
  • Advantages of ceramic coating exhaust headers and turbo parts

High-temperature ceramic coating

The big difference between ceramic coating on an exhaust or other turbo parts is the heat that’s generated. With exhaust gasses having temperatures of 400-500F when idling, rising to up to 1,400F or more at full throttle, it quickly becomes apparent that a usual paintwork ceramic coating won’t suffice. 

Enter high-temperature ceramic coating—a product designed specifically to protect these uber-hot elements of a vehicle. They provide a wonderfully robust, hard finish that’s super resistant to both rust and chipping. Plus it offers many other benefits…

Advantages of ceramic coating exhaust headers and turbo parts

There are two main reasons to consider a high-heat ceramic coating for the exhaust and associated elements. 

The first is for protection: the second is to keep those hot gasses where they need to be—inside the exhaust system—therefore improving engine performance. Professional racing cars have long used such tech to get that extra power—and there’s no reason why you can’t too.

Such coating comes in many different colors, including flat black and bright red. Matte finish, high gloss, or even satin metallic? The choice is yours.

When it comes to the advantages ceramic coating brings, your vehicle will benefit from the following:

  • Improved thermal engine efficiency
  • Uniform temperatures will be maintained throughout the whole system
  • The engine compartment will remain cooler
  • Protects from rust and corrosion
  • Offers a truly customized appearance
  • Makes cleaning and maintenance easier
  • Lowers the temperatures that neighboring compartments are subjected to

While performance is one of the biggest advantages, another reason to consider having ceramic coating applied to an exhaust is if you live near an ocean or a saltwater lake. The corrosive properties of salt can wreak havoc on the exhaust pipes. A protective coating is a highly effective way to reduce this damage.

You might also be familiar with the term “thermal cycling”. This is when the exhaust system heats up and rapidly cools—as it’s designed to do. However, over time this causes the metal to become brittle. In turn, this increases the likelihood of cracking and damage—the last thing you want from any performance car. A ceramic coating will help to reduce this effect, extending the lifespan of both the exhaust and any other parts of the engine that are subjected to the phenomena.

There are different types of ceramic coating for exhaust pipes and other parts of the engine system. This makes it essential that you get professional advice as to which to use on various parts. Ceramic coating an exhaust is different from applying it to paintwork, so it pays to understand what’s needed to ensure utilizing the correct products.

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