Carbon Fiber Wraps - The Latest and Greatest Car Concepts
Black Audi R8 with Carbon Fiber Wrap

Carbon Fiber Wraps – The Latest and Greatest Car Concepts


Black Audi R8 with Carbon Fiber Wrap

Give your car the high-end, high-performance look of an exotic super car for much less than it would cost you if you went the exotic car route. Create a distinctive look for any vehicle: pick the texture, colors, and design.  Make your car look like an auto show stunner at a fraction of the cost with carbon fiber wraps.

Consider the advantages of this latest and greatest in car concepts:

It’s even more stunning . .

A carbon fiber wrap is elegant and beautiful; that’s why it’s used on exotics. Up close or from a distance, carbon fiber wraps certainly look exotic. But these wraps come in high-gloss colors, matte finishes, and brushed metal. And three-dimensional carbon fiber wraps with a textured finish look better then the real thing. Car styling and personalization with printed graphics make that stunning look your own.

Choose to wrap just part of your vehicle, such as the rear doors or side panels. Wrap the hood, the roof, the interior, or any other surface you want to give the look and feel of carbon fiber. It looks great on hoods, mirrors, spoilers or anywhere else you pick.

You can wrap any vehicle . .

You can wrap any car, truck, bus–or an entire fleet, making it easier to be seen and recognized. It’s available in 60-inch wide sheets for extra large surfaces. It’s flexible enough to be applied to moderate curves, giving you some stretch when heated for greater flexibility. You can even use it on motorcycles, boats, trailers, etc.

Easy to put on, easy to take off . .

Simple to install like any vinyl wrap, you use it right out of the box–no over-laminate needed. The wrapping is repositionable, with a bubble-free adhesive that permits dry application. And applying a carbon fiber wrap to your vehicle won’t damage your paintwork.

Vehicle wrapping can easily be removed so when you want to sell your vehicle you can restore it to its original appearance without much effort at all.  And you don’t have to pay someone to remove the wrap. The instructions are simple for removing the graphics yourself.

It’s cheaper than repainting . .

The cost depends on the size of vehicle, but for an average-size car, it’s less than a comparable re-spray. Especially when you consider the quality refinishing job you’re after–you can’t make paint do the things carbon fiber wraps do.

And it’s durable . .

Coated with a UV ray protective layer, the material is resistant to water, dirt, grease, salt, and oil. And it’s car-wash safe, easily cleaned with water in your driveway.

A stunning addition to the look of your vehicle, get the attention your car deserves. Wrap it with carbon fiber and make every ride an exhibition at a car show.

Wendy Feliu