Lamborghini SuperLeggera with a Satin Paint Protection Wrap by Auto SuperShield

Car Wrap vs. Paint Job: Which One Wins?

Lamborghini SuperLeggera with a Satin Paint Protection Wrap by Auto SuperShield

Lamborghini SuperLeggera with a Satin Paint Protection Wrap by Auto SuperShield

Choosing the type of detail for your car is a big decision, and one that requires that you consider all of the factors before you decide. When it comes to big changes, a car wrap vs. a paint job is usually what most people are deciding between. There are both advantages and disadvantages to each of these methods of detailing.

Car Wrap vs. Paint Job Cost

The cost of these items are normally one of the major factors that you will have to look at if you are trying to decide which detail method works best for you. A car wrap isn’t always more expensive than a paint job, and in many cases can be quite a bit less. That is because the quality of a paint job can vary depending upon who is doing it. However, for a quality wrap, you can expect to pay about the same as a quality paint job or perhaps a little less. On the other hand, a quality wrap will cost more than a quick “value” paint job.

Don’t Forget Long-Term Cost

One of the things that you will want to keep in mind is that painting your car might end up depreciating the value drastically, whereas a wrap is removable and will not, since it can be taken off and the vehicle returned to its original color.

Car Wrap vs. Paint Job Benefits

There are a number of benefits to going with a wrap. For example, a wrapping can be done in just a couple of days, compared to a paint job, which might keep a vehicle off the road for a week or more. Also, wraps last for nearly as long as a paint job, with professional work lasting 5 to 10 years, in comparison to the 5-7 year expected lifespan of a wrap. Wrapping can also fit over riveting if necessary.

Car Wrap vs. Paint Job Disadvantages

The only real disadvantage of going with a car wrap vs. paint job is that a car wrap can be much more expensive if the design is complicated and includes a lot of colors. Basically, the more it costs to create the wrap design, the further away from the comparable cost of a paint job you get. Of course, size does matter as well, with some wraps needing to be quite a bit bigger so that they can fit over a larger vehicle like a cargo van.

Whether you go with a car wrap or a paint job is up to you. The decision cannot be made by someone else, because everyone’s needs are unique. If you decide on a car wrap, get in touch! We would love to assist.

Wendy Feliu