Car Color Trends – Past and Future [Infographic]

June 20, 2020

The entire look and feel of a car, its attitude and its demeanor, can change with a new paintjob. People have long studied the psychological properties of color. In the automotive world the psychology of color has helped form opinions like red cars are faster or black cars are more luxurious, based on nothing more than the way different colors affect the brain.That’s one of the interesting things about looking back at the most popular vehicle colors throughout time—it reveals something about people, what they thought and how they felt. It’s also just fun to look back and think about the dominant color palettes on America’s roads at different periods of time. That’s what this infographic does, but it also looks ahead at emerging automotive color trends that are expected to dominate the landscape in a few years’ time.From this colorful infographic you’ll be able to see how automotive color trends have changed over time and how car colors go in and out of style. More importantly, at least if you’re thinking about changing the appearance of your ride with a color change wrap, this infographic will help you visualize the car color trends of the future so you can pick a new color for your vehicle that will be ahead of its time. Just imagine cruising around Miami in a shade of blue previously unseen, years before it takes hold. That’s called being a trendsetter. And the best part about a color change wrap: you can try out new colors as often as you’d like since wrapping isn’t nearly as expensive (or permanent) as painting.

Car Color Trends – Past and Future


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