Car Care Tips: How to Choose a Paint Protection Film Installer

June 20, 2020

Paint protection film installation helps to guard your automobile from getting paint damage and scratches. No matter how good your paint job looks today, it needs protection to keep it looking that way. Proper installation of this protection film is important if you want to achieve the best protection results. Any mistakes by the installer will reduce the adhesive power of the film thus reducing its protection ability. Such a mistake can also cause damage to your car or motorcycle if dirt gets caught underneath the film. Attempting to install the paint protection film on your own might lead to paint damage.Purchasing a kit will definitely make it easier for you to install the paint protection film for yourself but mistakes still pose a huge risk to your valuable exterior. If you cherish the outside appearance of your car, you might want to invest in a pro paint protection film installer. A pro knows that the installation has to be done in the right environment where both wind and room temperature can be controlled. This is because the adhesive which comes with the film is sensitive to heat and if mishandled can lead to both damage and waste.The cost of investing in a qualified installer is minimal compared to the cost of repairing damage caused by do it yourself projects. Another upside to hiring a pro is that you will get a warranty that covers your exterior in case something goes wrong and the protection film peels off faster than anticipated. The following are the things a good paint protection film installer should do;1. Install the shield so that there are no bubbles or dirt under it2. Use the best fitting kits available on the market and give custom installation without a pattern if you own a classic car for which there is no patternInexperienced installers might end up cutting through your new film and scratching your paint. It takes at least two years of installation for an installer to reach the pro level. This is why you should ask for references when looking for a professional installer.If you research online you should be able to read client testimonials to point you in the direction for the best paint protection film kit or installation specialist.. It is also a good idea to look for installers who have been in the business for a long time as they have more experience and are likely to know what they are doing. Choosing a paint protection key installer carefully will get your car the fancy exterior it deserves.And of course, if you want the very best, we are here to serve all your paint protection film needs!


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