Can You Apply Ceramic Coating to Matte Paint?

October 30, 2023

One of the attributes that ceramic coating adds to a vehicle’s paintwork is an incredible shine. While that’s all well and good for most finishes, what about matte paint? The look is achingly on-trend right now, so why would you want to bling it up with a coating that makes it shiny? 

Indeed, can you even install it on top of matte?

The short answer is yes, you can add ceramic coating to matte paint. The longer answer is a little more complex…

Everything You Wanted to Know About a Ceramic Coating-Matte Paint Combo but Were Afraid to Ask

  • Ceramic coating—specially made to enhance a matte finish
  • How it works

Ceramic coating—specially made to enhance a matte finish

Adding a ceramic coating over a beautiful matte finish paint paintwork isn’t just a good idea—it’s highly recommended. This is because matte colors react to light in a completely different way than gloss.

A true, flat matte creates a gritty, coarse, beautiful, and unpolished finish. When you look at it, there’s no reflection whatsoever, providing an almost industrial façade. This is then often highlighted by beautifully chosen accessories, such as hubs, badges, fenders, grills, etc., that further accentuate the look.

This doesn’t suit all tastes, which is why there are other matte options (natural finish, satin matte, semi-gloss matte) that have slightly more reflective properties. Each has its own characteristics, which are due to the way that they react to light.

However, whatever type of matte color you go for, they all have one thing in common…

Correcting any scratches, stains, or cuts in the paintwork is darn near impossible. That includes damage from bird droppings or any other chemical attack.

This is the reason why the addition of a matte-specific ceramic coating should be considered almost obligatory. Oh—and it’s important to mention here that this is pretty much the only way you can protect it. Wax and other types of add-on protection shouldn’t be used on matte paint (and that’s another subject entirely!).

How it works

There are special types of nano-ceramic coatings made to go on top of matte paintwork. When added, they create an ultra-thin, super-hard layer that sinks into the tiny anomalies and dimples of the surface. Once cured, it’s bonded to the paint below to provide an incredible layer of protection—but without the shiny attributes of coatings designed for glossy paintwork.

Instead, it highlights the beauty of the matte below, drawing full attention to the flat glory that is a matte finish. As well as protection, it also has super-hydrophobic properties. Not only does this help keep the car cleaner for longer, but it also makes washing it a far less labor-intensive task.

So, there you have it. Not only is it totally possible to add the right kind of ceramic coating to matte paint—but if you don’t get it done for the additional protection, then it’s likely to be something you’ll regret in the not-too-distant future…

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