Can Ceramic Coating Fix Paint Damage?

June 30, 2021

Can Ceramic Coating Fix Paint Damage?

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding car paintwork is, “does ceramic coating fix paint damage”.

The answer to this isn’t as straightforward as you might think. A ceramic coating is applied in a liquid form, so it does seep into any scratches or swirl marks. However, this doesn’t mean that it repairs them.

The following discusses everything you need to know about paint damage and ceramic coatings, plus the reasons that it’s important to get the process carried out correctly to ensure the desired look for your pride and joy.

The Relationship Between Ceramic Coating and Paint Damage

  • What is ceramic coating?
  • What happens when you apply it over paint damage?

What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is a nano-particle technology that can enhance the look of paintwork and protect against damage. The coating is applied as a liquid to the surface of the car. As it dries it cures to the paintwork, creating a tough, transparent surface that protects everything beneath it. 

This creates a high sheen and various other advantages. These include: 

  • Hydrophobic properties
  • Self-cleaning properties
  • Protection from environmental elements

What happens when you apply it over paint damage?

Because the coating is applied as a liquid the particles will seep into every imperfection in the paintwork. While this might improve the look of tiny scratches once cured, the opposite occurs if the paint damage is more pronounced.

The coating is transparent, meaning that when it dries it has a magnifying effect. In short, the application of a ceramic coating actually highlights any blemishes in the paintwork. While the particles that make up the coating bond together, they don’t bond to the car itself. Therefore, it does not fix paint damage.

This makes it vital that any paint damage is professionally corrected before a ceramic coating is applied.

Professional Ceramic Coating and Paint Correction

  • The professional approach

The professional approach

The best ceramic coating providers will carry out a detailed examination of your car’s paintwork before advising whether or not the process is suitable in the car’s current state. Only the tiniest of imperfections will be improved by the process. This means that if there are any swirls or large scratches you’ll be advised to have these professionally corrected prior to a ceramic coating application.

An experienced car detailer will carefully use an exact color-match polish to repair paint damage. Polish is an abrasive substance that cuts into the clear coating of the paintwork, leveling the surface and thickness so both the surrounding paint and the scratch or swirl mark are at the same level. 

While there are many DIY products on the market to do this, there’s nothing like a professional service to get the best results. A good detailer will also tell you how long to wait between having the paintwork repaired and the ceramic coating applied.

Once the ceramic coating is in place, the vehicle will have robust protection against further paintwork damage. This includes scratches, salt damage, UV rays, corrosion, and more. 

Worried About Ceramic Coating over Paint Damage? Contact Auto SuperShield Today

Ceramic car coatings are an excellent way to protect paintwork. However, done badly or applied over a less than perfect surface can lead to inferior results. That’s why it’s wise to take advice from a professional service, such as leading Florida provider, Auto SuperShield.

Their expert technicians will advise on the pros and cons of a ceramic coating for your vehicle. Their service includes advice about paint correction before treatment and you can expect complete transparency about the results to expect. 

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