Can Bird Poop Ruin My Car’s Paint?

January 31, 2024

Bird poop! It might not be the first thing you think about when considering your car’s paintwork…

But if it’s not—then perhaps it should be.

That’s because bird poop is one of the most damaging environmental attacks that threatens the beautiful façade of your ride.

Everything You Need to Know about Bird Poop and Car Paintwork

Why is bird poop so damaging?But if I wash it straight off, can bird poop still ruin my car’s paint?Get paint protection savvy…

Why is bird poop so damaging?

Let’s talk crap…!

Bird poop is highly acidic. It also dries very quickly. When it lands on your car, the acid quickly begins to eat into the protective coating. If it remains on the surface for long, the poop then. becomes hard and becomes extremely difficult to remove without causing any further damage.

Sure, every vehicle leaves the factory with a protective topcoat. But this diminishes over time. Bird poop can hasten the process and can even reach through to the paint color itself. Even when cleaned off, visible marks often remain.

But if I wash it straight off, can bird poop still ruin my car’s paint?

When we say that the acid in bird poop starts attacking the car surface quickly, we mean within minutes. So, unless you’re watching your vehicle 24/7, then the likelihood of you managing to wash away poop every time it hits the vehicle is pretty impossible.

Even cars parked in a garage or under a carport are susceptible. Birds are notorious for taking shelter and even building nests in such locations. And as for those who live near the ocean? Well… You don’t need us to tell you about gulls and seabirds…

Get paint protection savvy

So, what’s the answer? Well, let’s first tell you what it isn’t—and that’s car wax!

Not only does car wax provide minimal (if any) protection against the acid in bird poop, but it takes hours and hours to apply correctly—and then you have to do it again six weeks later…

This leaves us with two effective options:

Paint protection film (PPF)Ceramic coating

Actually, to be totally correct, there are three options. That’s because you can use both PPF and ceramic coating together to elevate the paint protection even further.

PPF and/or ceramic coating are by far the best way to protect your car’s paintwork from the acid in bird poop. They also provide an excellent barrier against:

Tree sapAcid rainSalt (both from the ocean and highway gritting)Minor scratchesStone chips and small rock strikesFoliage damageUV rays

In addition, such products make your car far easier to keep clean. This is because they’re hydrophobic. This means that when water comes into contact with the product, it simply beads and rolls away. As it does so, it also collects dust and grime lying on the surface of the vehicle, removing it as it goes. This means the vehicle remains cleaner for longer, plus it’s also far easier to wash. Even throwing a bucket of water over it can have a dramatic effect.

When it comes to bird poop, adding a paint protection coating to your pride and joy is by far the best way to prevent it from causing damage.

Take Car Paintwork Protection to the Next Level at Auto SuperShield

If you love your ride, then you fully appreciate the need to protect its great looks. Sure, you can wax it, chuck a protective cover over it, hide it under a carport or in a garage… But whatever you do, you can’t prevent every fr*!@%* bird from pooping on it!

But you can protect it…

Whether you choose PPF, ceramic coating, or a combination of the two, there’s no better place for an installation than at Florida’s premier paint protection studio—Auto SuperShield.

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