Best Places in the US to Race Your Sports Car Full Throttle

June 20, 2020

The Autobahn. The Grand Prix. Mention sports cars unleashed on the road, and most people think of European driving - but America offers its own, rapidly growing, list of places you can bring your Ferrari or Lamborghini to unleash its power. Here are some of the best places in the country to open up the throttle and speed down the road:You've probably heard of the Bonneville Speedway before. Situated in the midst of Utah's salt flats, this speedway is where many of the world's land speed records have been set. Both experimental and traditional vehicles can be seen racing on the track on a given day, with each race run with a single car, racing against the clock. You don't have to be a professional driver to run the course, but you do need to be fast. Cars must undertake a time trial to access the main track - the minimum acceptable speed? 175 miles per hour!Lesser known but far more plush, some of the best places in the country to open up the throttle and speed along are at private race courses. These private estates are essentially like country clubs, with one key difference: they feature miles of roadway with no speed limits. Many private driving clubs also host racing events for members to compete against each other in races.Racing clubs can run the gamut from a splurge at $500 yearly dues, to a seriously elite environment, with some entry fees set to over $100,000. Membership to driving clubs includes access to more than just private tracks, however. Many clubs also feature amenities like rooftop bars, spas, fine dining and even childcare services.What about if you're new to the high-speed driving world, but are eager to accelerate into the action? There are special driving schools just for you! Specially termed "motor resorts" offer you a chance to learn how to drive like a professional, with classes tailored for all levels, from beginner to expert. Situated in luxurious resorts, the driving schools let you buckle into their high horsepower, racing quality vehicles and zoom around specially built tracks. For when you're done on the tracks, many resorts offer all of the attractions of a getaway ranch, with swimming pools, bars, quality dining and spas.Still shopping around for (or dreaming about) the perfect sports car? Several private racetracks across the nation let you take special training courses. In these multi-day sessions you can pick from a range of exotic sports cars to take a spin in. These classes are perfect for car enthusiasts and the instructors cover all of the details for you, down to handling the insurance, leaving you free to drive!


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