The Best Cruising Roads in Miami

June 20, 2020
Best Cruising Roads in Miami

An indisputable fact about Florida is that we love our cars. Spend a day cruising about Miami and you’ll find that this beachfront paradise is the ideal place to be if you want to show off your sweet ride. Once you roll out of the shop with a new vinyl wrap around your high-performance luxury car, you really don’t have to go far to find a responsive audience. But rather than having to hunt down the best spots on your own, allow us to guide you!Here’s a list of some of the hottest streets in Miami where you’ll find celebrities, the upper-class, and other discerning automotive enthusiasts who will appreciate your taste in four-wheeled art.

Ocean Drive

People visiting Miami like to get up bright and early just to spend the waking hours of the day on Ocean Drive—and honestly, who can blame them? Even Monet couldn’t paint a prettier picture than this South Beach thoroughfare. Spectators nestle themselves on the patios of numerous quaint cafés, like A La Folie Café or Balans, and enjoy the image of the sun-kissed ocean waves creeping upon the freshly-smoothed morning sand. The golden beach and glowing water makes the perfect backdrop for your exquisite vehicle, especially with a new vinyl wrap that shines with early daylight. Ocean Drive is most certainly the best path to start your day of cruising around Miami.

Lincoln Road Mall

Miami’s hub for tourist shopping expeditions and splurges is the Lincoln Road Mall, an outdoor marketplace built on Lincoln Road between Alton Road and Washington Avenue. However, though Lincoln Road cannot be traversed by means of automobile on the main length, many lanes run perpendicular and pass by numerous clothing outlets, jewelry shops, and eateries. The Lincoln Road Mall is always bringing in businesses and new faces every day, so a few quick turns down Jefferson, Meridian, and Pennsylvania Avenue are bound to turn some heads. After all, few things are more “Miami” than seeing a custom-wrapped Lamborghini or Ferrari driving past Zara, Armani, or any of the other high-end shops nestled in the Lincoln Road Mall.

Biscayne Boulevard

If you’re looking for something less touristy and more personal, then Biscayne Boulevard is definitely your kind of drive. Running through Downtown Miami, this upscale street passes by establishments like The Jockey Club, The Palm Bay Yacht Club, and plenty of high-end condominiums. At the southernmost end is the American Airlines Arena, home to the Miami Heat (the only attraction in Miami that’s hotter than your custom-wrapped luxury car). If you want to be seen and have your vehicle recognized as one of the best in town, make sure Biscayne Boulevard is on your cruising itinerary.

The Design District

Cultured, ritzy, and chic are just a few words used to describe Miami’s Design District, and yet these still fall short at encapsulating its class. Located just a few miles from Downtown Miami, the Design District is at the forefront of fashion, design, architecture, and culture. This upscale Miami hotspot is chock full of designer shops, art galleries, and 5-star restaurants, all of which draw a crowd of people who appreciate the finer things in life—like a custom-wrapped high-performance luxury vehicle.

Collins Avenue

Miami hot spots don’t get much hotter than Collins Avenue. The iconic Miami Beach stretch runs adjacent to the boardwalk along the entirety of its coast, north to south and toe-to-toe with the sea. Lining its pavement are some of the best restaurants, shops, and hotels in all of Miami, and once the sun goes down Collins Avenue is illuminated by some of the best clubs in the world. South Beach’s famous nightclub scene starts and ends along Collins Avenue, making this iconic stretch of road the single most important piece of real estate for anyone who wants to be seen driving a head-turning work of art.Miami is the definition of fine living, and is perhaps the best city in America (certainly the best city in Florida) for discerning automotive enthusiasts who want to turn heads and attract stares with their hot rides. That’s why Auto Super Shield is the top destination for high-end car owners in South Beach looking for something to help their cars stand out. Visit our shop just up north in Boca Raton, FL or contact us online if you have any questions about our luxury vehicle wraps.


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